Thales Cinterion MV32 modem card enables manufacturers to build high-performance 5G devices

Thales announces the new Cinterion MV32 modem card that makes it easier for manufacturers to build and maintain resilient, high-performance 5G devices that will transform everyday life in the years ahead.

Harnessing the full potential of 5G Mobile Broadband connectivity, the new modem card is designed to be at the heart of a wide array of demanding IoT (Internet of Things) use cases, such as securely connecting enterprises, remote patient care and intelligent monitoring of renewable energy generation.

Effortlessly connecting 5G networks and next-gen IoT devices

The 5G roll-out will not only bring unprecedented mobile broadband speed to billions of people worldwide. It also offers an extraordinary leap in the sheer number of devices that cellular networks can support. Connectivity will be enabled for billions more machines. As a result, 5G is laying the foundations for vast new fleets of permanently connected IoT devices that enable a more sustainable and trustworthy future for us all.

Many of these new IoT devices will be highly compact. Thales’ space-saving 5G modem card therefore represents the ideal partner for the tiny embedded SIMs (eSIMs) that are another key building block for effortless connectivity. Next-generation IoT applications will demand the always-on, ultra-high speed connectivity and exceptional reliability that characterises the new Cinterion MV32 modem card:

  • Extensively leverages Thales’ broad expertise in providing successful 5G IoT solutions that manage connectivity plans in the field, enabling seamless, go-anywhere 5G.
  • Reliably delivers superior 5G cellular performance, thanks to industry’s most advanced and optimized radio frequency design, to enable the ultra-high speed and low latency.

Protecting against a new wave of cyber-threats

For all its benefits, the distributed, virtualized, software-based design of many 5G networks also brings with it new vulnerabilities to cyber-attack. In response, the Cinterion MV32 5G modem card embodies Thales’ unrivalled expertise and experience in bringing robust security and protection to the 5G domain:

  • Leverages Thales’ security-by-design philosophy and core expertise in robust cyber-protection – enabling dynamic protection of devices in the field and over the entire lifecycle through secure remote updates.
  • Stringently and continuously penetration-tested by independent security experts.

“We were able to be a first-mover in 5G branch networking devices, in part because Thales provided a great globally-certified solution with support to a wide variety of frequency bands. They also provided responsive support to our engineers and have been a reliable supplier even when everything else is in shortage. We look forward to deploying Thales’ next-gen 5G SA MV32 into our devices in the coming year,” said Keith Chau, general manager, Peplink.

“For our customers, the latest generation MV32 5G modem card represents just the right product at the right time. Manufacturers worldwide must look at 5G to enable revolutionary new IoT solutions that will touch every aspect of our lives. Our new solution makes it a cinch to embed this ultra-fast connectivity. There is no trade-off between speed, latency, reliability and cyber-protection: the compact MV32 delivers them all,” said Thierry Uguen, Director Product Management IoT at Thales.

Further technical annotations:

  • The new Cinterion 5G data card leverages the industry-standard M.2 form factor for easy plug-and-play as well as the latest 3GPP Release 16 enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) standard for peak performance.
  • It consistently supports the highest levels of data throughput without overheating as a result of its sophisticated thermal design.
  • Its radio frequency design also reduces complexity and increases reliability allowing the device to tap into the highest performance grade on the field, by leveraging the latest network deployments.

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