SecureAuth Arculix strengthens passwordless authentication for enterprises

SecureAuth unveiled the launch of Arculix, a platform that combines orchestration, passwordless technology, and continuous authentication.

SecureAuth Arculix

The next generation platform has the flexibility to be deployed as a full end-to-end solution, or augment existing IAM investments with out-of-the-box integration to any industry standard identity provider.

Arculix delivers the right user journey to the right users via flexible, adaptive policies, identity orchestration, and behavioral modeling. Arculix is powered by its patented behavioral modeling, which is driven by artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) technology. It combines desktop login, mobile, and SSO user experiences into a single, seamless, passwordless system. Backed by 47 patents, the platform is fortified by integration with a large set of multi-factor authentication (MFA) methods.

While passwordless authentication is a great step forward, as evidenced by the recent endorsement by, Apple, Google, and Microsoft for FIDO, the user’s journey must continuously verify to detect anomalies across any and all devices, operating systems, apps and browsers. Unlike competitive offerings, Arculix’s unique approach to continuous authentication constantly re-evaluates a user’s level of assurance to step up authentication when the risk demands it.

“As today’s threat landscape continues to evolve with new adversaries and tactics, it’s more important than ever for companies to continuously authenticate throughout a user’s digital journey. Organizations are trying to balance the user experience and security of workforce access while also addressing supply chain security, which is crucial for B2B transactions. With Arculix, our customers are getting the best of passwordless, continuous authentication across all users to address the challenges of a diverse threat landscape, digital identity demands and productivity,” said Paul Trulove, CEO at SecureAuth. “We are committed to ensuring our customers have the strongest security posture possible regardless of their complex architectures and complicated requirements.”

Arculix’s next-generation platform, which can be delivered to customers as a turnkey SaaS solution or installed on-premises by the customer, enables organizations to:

  • Deliver dynamic, frictionless authentication and SSO across applications, devices, and things throughout user activity.
  • Authenticate users’ claimed identities for frictionless access using automated, risk-based behavioral models driven by the AI and machine learning engine.
  • Protect logins with intelligent multi-factor authentication (MFA) that intuitively allows access to apps and continues to evaluate access post-authorization via push notification or verification codes with offline access.
  • Continuously inform end users of risk on the mobile app after login based on device and browser fingerprint analysis and automatically performs step up authentication when a threat is detected.
  • Manage all identities across customers, workforce and non-employees for a robust identity platform.

“The world is moving towards a model of having strong security without sacrificing the user experience. There are strong trends towards enterprises and government agencies moving to passwordless authentication for workforce and customers,” said Tomás Maldonado, CISO at National Football League. “Even the large tech players recently announced a commitment to passwordless. SecureAuth’s upcoming Arculix solution seems to have the right vision that goes beyond passwordless to adaptive, continuous authentication that’ll allow organizations a strong security posture while having a frictionless user experience.”


SecureAuth plans to make Arculix generally available at the end of August.

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