Arcserve OneXafe 4500 Series delivers increased data security with larger data store

Arcserve announced the expansion of its OneXafe family of immutable data storage solutions. The new Arcserve OneXafe 4500 Series enables a greater storage capacity of up to 216TB while providing a native immutable store for ransomware protection of growing volumes of backup and unstructured data for organizations of all sizes.

Offering near-zero configuration, Arcserve OneXafe 4500 Series can be installed and available to users very rapidly without reconfiguration to accommodate various workload requirements. It also protects existing investments while lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO) through seamless integration with existing OneXafe 4400 Series clusters.

Arcserve OneXafe 4500 Series features:

  • Built-in protection against ransomware: Arcserve OneXafe 4500 Series is a native immutable store for unstructured data and backup, which supports customers’ 3-2-1-1 backup strategies (3 backup copies on 2 different media, with 1 located offsite and the crucial extra 1 is immutable storage). It provides a logical airgap allowing customers to retrieve unaltered copies of their data. The continuous data protection capabilities take a snapshot once every 90 seconds, including point-in-time recovery, and impose no limit on the number of snapshots taken.
  • Seamless scale-out architecture: OneXafe supports one or multiple OneXafe nodes in a cluster and a single global file system thanks to its flexible and seamless scale-out architecture. As storage requirements change, organizations can rely on the agility of the OneXafe 4500 series to add any number of drives or nodes at any time in any capacity, without configuration changes or application downtime, saving businesses time and cost.
  • Protect existing investments while lowering TCO: Customers with existing OneXafe 4412 or 4417 clusters can seamlessly increase their storage capacity by adding OneXafe 4512 nodes. OneXafe offers powerful global inline deduplication and data compression, allowing organizations to reduce their storage footprint and their overall associated power consumption.
  • Minimal configuration: The Arcserve OneXafe 4500 Series delivers a highly flexible, powerful, and easy to configure storage and recovery solution. OneXafe removes the burden of application downtime and configuration changes for nearly every storage management task.

Said Matt Urmston, executive vice president of product management at Arcserve: “Today, organizations are grappling with the need to back up growing quantities of data within diminishing windows while protecting against ransomware. Arcserve OneXafe 4500 Series combines traditional NAS’s reliability and productivity advantages with the security benefits of immutable object storage to provide organizations with a safe and powerful secondary storage solution ideally suited to the modern world. Simply put, the OneXafe 4500 Series delivers more. It represents a proactive response to our customers’ demand for more storage capacity, data protection, and improved TCO from their data resilience investments.”

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