Redstor helps MSPs implement zero-trust policies with new software updates

Redstor unveiled significant updates to its software. The enhancements are designed to help managed service providers (MSPs) and their customers better tackle the modern challenges of securing remote workers, hybrid cloud environments and malware threats including ransomware.

As of today, all existing and new customers can take advantage of highly customizable user access management, a capability designed to simplify the implementation of a zero-trust policy through a whole new level of control and security. With this new functionality, secured by the latest multi-factor authentication technology, MSPs can make use of granular, configurable access to:

  • Create and manage user identities within a single interface
  • Customize and control who has access to data and systems
  • Stop the spread of compromised login credentials
  • Simplify the user experience with a single sign-on
  • Protect key processes with multi-layer security and tighter IAM control such as biometrics and smart cards
  • Update security policies instantly to comply with regulations
  • Change access privileges across an entire environment in one action
  • Ensure secure collaboration for greater productivity by setting up third-party permissions without jeopardizing network security

Purpose-built for MSPs and designed for multi-tenancy, Redstor streamlines IT workloads by centralizing the backup and management of data in infrastructure, cloud-native environments and a wide array of SaaS platforms. Management of all customers and their data can be handled entirely through a single app (RedApp) so MSPs can quickly and easily implement policies to fortify security and lessen the impact of data breaches.

MSPs are already able to highlight unprotected data with Redstor. Further, the platform uses unique AI-powered malware detection to police backups by automatically quarantining suspicious files for removal. This enables malware-free recoveries without worry of reintroducing lurking threats like ransomware into the environment.

Redstor CEO, Paul Evans said: “When it comes to threats like ransomware, overly permissioned accounts can enable lateral movement for attackers. Customizable user access management makes it hard for cyber criminals to get to a domain controller or authentication system directly.

“MSPs can also limit malicious activity and human error by customizing roles in RedApp and removing the ability to delete accounts and data,” added Evans. “And if organizations have data spread over many sites or regions, they can also restrict and allow access accordingly.”

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