SnapAttack partners with Mandiant to protect organizations against cyber threats

SnapAttack and Mandiant announced a strategic partnership to integrate Mandiant’s adversary intelligence along with SnapAttack’s adversary emulation and no-code threat detection capabilities.

Through the uniquely integrated product experience, joint customers are able to drive modernization and actionable data in their security operations.

“The proliferation and scale of cyber threats worldwide has never been higher,” said Marshall Heilman Chief Technology Officer, Mandiant. “To win the fight against cybercrime, leading security companies must work together to bring impactful protection to organizations. Partnerships with innovators like SnapAttack help to accelerate our efforts and highlights Mandiant’s relentless commitment to protecting organizations of all shapes and sizes against cyber threats.”

The SnapAttack and Mandiant strategic partnership enables joint customers to leverage Mandiant Advantage Security Validation and threat intelligence to create and validate high quality detections and analytics quickly and effectively. Further, the integration of offerings enables SnapAttack to deliver Mandiant Advantage Threat Intelligence to new and existing customers.

“SnapAttack’s collaborative approach to purple teaming enables any security team to operationalize threat intelligence and proactively enhance coverage and confidence in their defenses regardless of maturity,” said Peter Prizio, Chief Executive Officer, SnapAttack. Establishing a strategic partnership with Mandiant will deliver immediate value to our customers by combining SnapAttack with best-in-class threat intelligence and security validation, adding both prioritization and velocity to security operations.”

SnapAttack’s technical integration with Mandiant Advantage SaaS offerings opens the door for future joint business development activities with existing and new customers. Together, Mandiant and SnapAttack are able to address a broader market of customers seeking actionable intelligence and security operations regardless of cyber maturity levels.

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