Expel collaborates with Armis to provide critical coverage of customers’ ecosystems

Expel announced a partnership with Armis to help protect customers’ managed and unmanaged assets across IT, cloud, IoT devices, and operational technology (OT) from cyber threats.

“As connected assets become more common in the operational infrastructures of many organizations, they’re also becoming popular entry points for threat actors looking to gain access to those companies’ critical systems and data,” said Peter Doggart, Chief Strategy Officer at Armis. “Our partnership with Expel represents a leap forward in helping protect these assets for our customers, and securing their highly distributed and complex environments.”

The partnership between Expel and Armis will provide complete asset discovery for customers in their environments by allowing them to identify and classify any devices in real-time from IT to OT. Customers will have visibility and rich context to track behavior, detect threats, and remediate those threats quickly.

“Our partnership with Armis is directly aligned with our goal of continuously improving our solutions to meet the changing needs of our customers,” said Dave Merkel, CEO and co-founder of Expel. “We expect the combined efforts of Expel and Armis will have a tremendous impact on the security strategies of organizations using IoT technology.”

Expel’s technology and people work together – each doing what they do best – to detect, understand, and fix issues fast. The collaborative experience in Expel Workbench™ enables customers to choose how they run their security operations – whether that’s following along with live investigations, or receiving alerts at every step from when an investigation starts until it’s done. This unmatched transparency means customers always know what’s happening in their investigations, but can dedicate their time to strategic security priorities rather than sifting through alerts.

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