Forcepoint unveils new solutions to simplify connectivity and network security for enterprises

Forcepoint is advancing its strategy to simplify security by previewing a new security insights visualization tool, code-named Forcepoint ‘Symphony’, and new Forcepoint FlexEdge family of Secure SD-WAN solutions at RSA Conference 2022 in San Francisco.

Forcepoint Symphony Secure SD-WAN

Forcepoint’s ‘Symphony’ offers at-a-glance, interactive insights that help C-level and security professionals better leverage security investments to move the business forward. It enables users to quickly visualize and quantify financial value of security efficacy delivered by Forcepoint’s products across key performance indicators such as adoption, data and threat protection, policy violations, performance, and risk.

The new Forcepoint FlexEdge Secure SD-WAN series integrates application-centric SD-WAN with the company’s proven network security and threat protection technologies to simplify connectivity and network security for branch offices and remote sites of all sizes.

“Simplifying security is the driving philosophy of our product and platform strategy,” said Manny Rivelo, CEO of Forcepoint. “For too long, CISOs and executive leaders have had a real blind spot when it came to understanding the efficacy and value of their security investments. Forcepoint ‘Symphony’ analyzes performance across our platform to uncover actionable insights for leaders to more efficiently operate their business the way they want with a clear view on the money saved by stopping breaches or policy violations. In addition, our FlexEdge Secure SD-WAN delivers on our vision of using SASE solutions to help businesses and government agencies save on costs and migrate to modern, cloud-based environments for their applications, data, sites, and people.”

‘Symphony’ enterprise-wide security insights

Forcepoint’s ‘Symphony’ technology preview at RSAC 2022 is designed to provide interactive insights into security technology performance, giving organizational leaders unified visibility over every Forcepoint cloud, web, SD-WAN, network, and data security technology in use throughout the organization.

Executives can identify in real-time patterns of threats and breaches and customize the ‘Symphony’ dashboard to show only the insights that apply to their line of business. They can set economic value indicators and immediately calculate the savings from stopping data theft and cyberattacks, arming themselves with the ability to quantify the ROI of their security investments. The integration of advanced at-a-glance intelligence eliminates the need for complex SIEM integrations and gives teams more confidence in the efficacy of their security deployments.

FlexEdge Secure SD-WAN provides seamless control and protection for remote offices

For many distributed organizations, migrating to cloud-based applications and data provides an opportunity to modernize how their branch offices and remote sites connect systems and people to the resources they need. Forcepoint is simplifying branch networking and security with its new FlexEdge Secure SD-WAN series.

FlexEdge enables connectivity for remote sites of all sizes to be seamlessly managed from a single set of policies in a centralized console. It enables distributed enterprises and governments to use private MPLS, local internet broadband and mobile links together to automatically use the right links for the right applications. It also builds in cutting-edge intrusion protection that is depended upon by businesses and government agencies around the world to keep advanced threats out and protect automated line-of-business communications such as traffic from point-of-sale terminals or IoT devices back to internal systems.

In addition, Forcepoint is tightly integrating the FlexEdge solution with its Security Service Edge (SSE) cloud platform, Forcepoint ONE, to protect people working at remote sites as they use web, cloud, and private applications. The ZTNA capabilities in Forcepoint ONE enable FlexEdge Secure SD-WAN appliances to be managed from anywhere, delivering one of the first single-vendor Secure Access Server Edge (SASE) solutions in the industry. In addition, Forcepoint will be incorporating the networking components of FlexEdge onto the Forcepoint ONE platform to provide a true, cloud-native, all-in-one SASE solution.

Forcepoint’s FlexEdge Secure SD-WAN is available immediately in the Americas through Forcepoint’s international network of resellers. Integration with the Forcepoint ONE SSE platform is planned for later this year.

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