PIXM partners with Identity Automation to protect educators and learners from targeted phishing attacks

PIXM announced its partnership with Identity Automation, a digital identity platform for education.

Together they will launch PhishID, a new product that integrates PIXM’s computer vision-based anti-phishing solution with Identity Automation’s Identity and Access Management platform, RapidIdentity, to provide educational institutions complete protection from the latest phishing attacks without interrupting time in the classroom.

According to the Consortium for School Networking, more than 90 percent of cyber security incidents in schools start with phishing. Further, since the pandemic, many schools have shifted to online learning applications to enhance the classroom experience and to accommodate remote learning. Adversaries are taking advantage of this opportunity by targeting educators and learners for financial gain.

PhishID combines the robust features of Identity Automation’s award-winning digital identity solution to safeguard learning environments, with PIXM’s point-of-click phishing prevention technology, to provide schools across the nation with an additional layer of protection from account takeovers and other forms of identity theft.

“Teachers and students have enough on their plates. Keeping watch for targeted phishing attacks that can lead to ransomware shouldn’t be one of them. Our partnership with PIXM will enable educators and learners to focus on learning without worrying about the legitimacy of the links they’re clicking on,” said Michael Webb, Chief Product Officer of Identity Automation.

“Educational institutions are highly targeted and phishing is the primary initial target vector,” said Matt Mosley, Chief Product Officer of PIXM. “Our solution stops phishing attempts at the point of click using artificial intelligence, protecting users no matter which platform or applications they’re using. The future of education is here and our partnership with Identity Automation will keep educators and learners safe from phishing at home and in the classroom.”

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