Immersive Labs Cyber Team Sim prepares teams for real-life cyber attacks

Immersive Labs announced the launch of technical multiplayer simulations, including scenarios for both offensive and defensive teams in complex environments.

This capability offers security teams the ability to use their own tool sets for a more relevant hands-on experience. The simulations run on Immersive Labs’ award-winning Cyber Workforce Optimization platform that evaluates and improves an organization’s cyber readiness and resilience.

The new capability, Cyber Team Sim, enables organizations to prepare teams for real-life cyber attacks through regular, collaborative practice in complex and realistic virtual scenarios. The new simulations are supported by Immersive Labs’ acquisition of Snap Labs in 2021, which brought the technology to create complex custom virtual environments on demand. New scenarios are released to simulate the latest vulnerabilities and prepare the workforce to defend against developing threats.

The Immersive Labs’ platform helps security and executive leadership to identify skill gaps and opportunities to improve judgment in various scenarios so that they can remedy areas of weakness ahead of real-world attacks. Available now, Cyber Team Sim includes analysis of technical tasks and evaluation of the collaboration among the red or blue teams.

“In the real world, cyber attacks take teamwork to defend against,” commented Paul Bentham, Immersive Labs’ Chief Product Officer. “While the skills, knowledge, and judgment of each of those team members is crucial, the gold standard of assessing cyber threat preparedness comes from seeing how those individuals come together to cooperate in every stage of an attack, from identification to remediation. With regular exercising using realistic scenarios, the real-world performance of cybersecurity teams can be significantly improved, reducing the organization’s cyber risk.”

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