Hillstone Networks ZTNA solution provides organizations with control over their network access

Hillstone Networks introduced its ZTNA solution, the company’s latest offering that provides remote security and network access control.

Hillstone Networks ZTNA

Hillstone’s ZTNA solution takes a zero-trust philosophy and applies it to network infrastructure protection. It works on the concept of least privilege and provides a fine-grained, sophisticated approach to avoid unnecessary application exposure. Hillstone’s ZTNA solution allows for the user identity, device status, environmental context, as well as user behavior and other risk attributes to be taken into account in making the access decisions, resulting in precise enforcement of privileges.

“The rise of remote workers combined with today’s increased threats and sophistication of attacks require a different mindset to protect corporate assets,” said Tim Liu, co-founder & CTO, Hillstone Networks. “With employees logging in and accessing critical data from unsecured locations, it is imperative enterprises have fine-grained control over network access. Our ZTNA solution meets this demand, helping security teams maintain security and productivity while providing increased remote access.”

Key benefits of Hillstone’s ZTNA solution include:

Identity-based, least-privileged secure access. Adopts the principle of “authenticate first, then connect.” Based on the level of authentication, the status of the network used to connect to assets, and other factors, access privileges to the intended apps or services will be granted on a need-to-know basis. If authentication fails, connections will drop.

Context-aware, adaptive access control. Provides comprehensive visibility to endpoints, continuously monitoring the status of the endpoints and sharing the telemetry data with Hillstone ZTNA gateways to assess the security posture. Access will be blocked whenever the endpoint is compromised.

Centralized and efficient management. Delivers centralized ZTNA policy management to the distributed ZTNA gateways with global visibility and a unified operational experience. Hillstone’s centralized device management capability is coupled with a zero-touch provisioning function, which streamlines initial deployment and daily operation, especially in large-scale deployments

Enterprise-grade security foundation. Built on a decade long foundation of trust, reliability, innovation, and proven security. With just a simple software upgrade, Hillstone ZTNA solution allows customers to not only maximize the superior security features found in the Hillstone next-gen firewalls, but to also adopt a resilient zero-trust strategy quickly with minimum effort and cost.

In addition to its substantial features, Hillstone’s ZTNA solution offers an enterprise-class security foundation as it is built upon on the company’s leading, trusted and proven security platform. With an integrated next-generation firewall, unique breach, and malware detection capabilities, Hillstone’s security components are already used by over 23,000 enterprises worldwide and recognized by leading analysts like Gartner across multiple solutions classes.

“Security today is no longer an afterthought. It is part and parcel of all solutions across all sectors. We work closely with security vendors to ensure that our partner ecosystem includes a robust set of comprehensive, best-in-class cyber security solutions to help customers speed their innovation journey,” states Ignacio Garcia-Sampedro, Director General, Micronet, “This includes Hillstone Networks’ solutions that protect critical assets from edge to cloud, and embracing the ZTNA approach, helping customers accelerate their business outcomes in the most secure way possible.”

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