BreachLock appoints Marielle Nigg-Droog as CISO

BreachLock announced the appointment of Marielle Nigg-Droog as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

Marielle is responsible for providing cybersecurity guidance and security strategies to BreachLock customers, leading the CIO/CISO Interchange to understand underlying pain points, and securing BreachLock. She leads the internal risk and security efforts to reduce the company’s risk and security exposure while ensuring global compliance.

Commenting on the new role, Marielle stated, “I commonly see organizations still following traditional security practices and expecting to achieve newer and better outcomes, but that is not possible. I am extremely excited to join my former ING colleague, Seemant Sehgal, & BreachLock, who is breaking this glass ceiling in the space of Penetration Testing.” Hackers are the common enemy we all are fighting against, and BreachLock is enabling customers to elevate their security posture by giving them a hacker’s view, she added.

“I am excited to welcome my former ING colleague and friend, Marielle to BreachLock. This will help us accelerate the vision and mission of the company. Her experience as a CISO will give us a better understanding of the customers’ security problems and help us stay ahead in the market by conceptualizing and delivering cybersecurity solutions for the future,” said Seemant Sehgal, CEO & Founder, BreachLock.

Marielle is a former CISO at ING Wholesale banking and proven cybersecurity and risk executive. She is an industry thought leader with over 25 years of experience in executing long-term security strategies. She is an example for ‘women in cyber’ and specializes in developing and implementing new organizational structures to enable businesses to achieve their security goals and business objectives.

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