Everbridge Service Intelligence accelerates IT incident response

Everbridge introduced a new correlation and analytics module enabling IT organizations to streamline digital operations and reduce unplanned work while freeing more time for innovation.

Everbridge Service Intelligence

Available as part of Everbridge’s Digital Operations solutions bundle, Service Intelligence minimizes digital disruptions and customer impact and ensures smooth-running IT services​ by combining visualizations for mapping service graphs with dependency mapping, root cause identification, service ownership, change intelligence and automation – all in one, purpose-built resolver console.

In the quest to achieve demanding digital transformation goals, too many organizations find themselves burdened by unplanned work or IT disruptions leading to overwhelmed teams, missed release dates, and lack of time to innovate. Everbridge’s Service Intelligence provides Operations/IT​, NOC/SOC​, Service Desk, DevOps and Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) Teams with the unified resolver tools and console to streamline the response and minimize the business impacts to service interruptions, failed or emergency changes, and patch or security incidents.

“The adoption of cloud services, an increase in distributed and global teams, and remote work have all accelerated the pace of digital transformation for many organizations,” said Prashant Darisi, Vice President of Global Solutions at Everbridge. “Our new Service Intelligence capabilities, part of Everbridge’s market-leading Digital Operations platform, provides automated service component diagnosis, visual root cause identification, and runbook automation to streamline incident response and accelerate resolution.”

Continued Darisi, “To be successful, our customers must have the time to innovate and deliver products and services that customers love, disruption free​. We solve technology issues before they become business problems. This brand-new capability serves as validation for our continued efforts to ensure our Digital Operations Platform meets and exceeds the needs of the modern workplace.”

Everbridge’s Service Intelligence provides the following capabilities:

Rich two-way integrations with AIOps and observability solutions to automate alert processing, drive resolution process and dark web response
  • The always-on Everbridge Digital Operations platform now receives direct, rich communication from leading AIOps and observability solutions such as Dynatrace or MoogSoft, BigPanda, DataDog.
  • Service Intelligence receives anomaly alerts and incidents with all the necessary information (telemetry, dependency) needed by the teams to investigate and fix issues before they impact end users. Everbridge enriches signals over and above reducing signal noise and avoids distracting engineering teams by only relaying critical data to resolve issues faster.
  • Automated diagnosis, actions, remediation, runbooks, and rich intelligent mobilization notifications save teams time and allows them to focus on the issues that matter. Two-way integration enables full system synchronization so users can track responses, comments, and actions. Further to observability, the platform connects to dark web management systems to allow customers to prepare and respond better to Cyber threats.
Service component mapping and inspection for accelerated root cause identification
  • The Everbridge Digital Operations platform embeds services directly into its incident management capabilities to supercharge the response to digital service interruptions. By navigating through a built-in service dependency map, the intelligent service correlation engine identifies recent service changes (CI/CD cycles, code, infrastructure, feature toggles) and pinpoints the most likely root cause. The solution can then automatically identify, notify, and engage the team responsible for the quality of the service to minimize impact on users.
On-demand runbook automation for faster recovery
  • Award-winning workflow designer provides no-code low-code configuration with a library of hundreds of integrated actions with all IT and DevOps tools, making it easy to set the service operations on autopilot. On activation, dynamic workflows will execute actions across all the different tools used by an organization and improve the teams’ efficiency by hiding complexity and gaining visibility across the end-end remediation scenario.
Automated resolver mobilization and escalation for faster collaboration
  • With the understanding each organization uses different tools to effectively collaborate and timely communicate during incident response, the new release of Service Intelligence brings two new communication channels, Slack and Microsoft Teams for users to initiate incidents, notify team members, and create online meetings.

“At Linaro, we are interested in the Everbridge Service Intelligence feature for the service dependencies map to visualize our internal relationships and resources,” said Philip Colmer, Director, Information Services at Linaro. “Being mindful that monitoring tools integration and automation plays a main role, as does visualization of the overall possible impacted services, this will help us reduce diagnosis time which is critical to our business.”

With its acquisition and integration of xMatters in 2021, Everbridge’s Digital Operations Platform helps organizations to save time, maintain customer satisfaction, deliver continuous service uptime and innovate. The platform extends Everbridge’s market-leading Critical Event Management (CEM) solutions to further support customers’ digital transformation efforts, providing Everbridge’s enterprise customers with the ability to automate and streamline digital service delivery and incident management across teams and toolsets, and enables organizations to innovate and accelerate digital transformation initiatives, while continuing to meet key uptime service-level agreements (SLAs) and deliver great customer experiences.

The platform includes many powerful capabilities to help organizations rapidly assess digital service interruptions, act quickly to mitigate these issues, and continuously improve processes and services. It addresses organizations’ IT Ops, Security Ops & Cyber, DevOps, Infrastructure Ops, Customer Support and Major Incident Management (MIM) needs to keep operations running, safeguard revenue, and enhance enterprise operational resilience by managing digital and physical critical events through a single pane of glass.

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