Keysight Cyber Training Simulator enables students to develop their skills in a realistic environment

Keysight Technologies has introduced Keysight Cyber Training Simulator (KCTS), a comprehensive, turnkey cyber range that simulates real-world traffic using the company’s BreakingPoint solution.

With cybercrime on the rise and cybersecurity professionals difficult to find, organizations are at risk. Consequently, cybersecurity jobs are growing by more than 30% annually (as cited in (ISC)², 2021) and students who are well prepared will be the first to be considered for the industry’s top jobs. Therefore, academic programs that prepare them will be in high demand.

Keysight Cyber Training Simulator enables students to develop their skills in a realistic environment with market-leading tools currently used by professionals in enterprises and governments worldwide. As a result, students can quickly fill the roles in cybersecurity across many industries.

“Educators are making cybersecurity training a high priority to address the urgent need for cybersecurity professionals across all industries,” said Boon Juan Tan, vice president and general manager of General Electronics Measurement Solutions at Keysight Technologies. “Partnering with Keysight enables universities to develop the next generation of leading experts and stay at the forefront of the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape.”

KCTS is designed to help academic institutions fill the cyber industry workforce gap with industry-ready graduates. KCTS breaks from the common, script-based cyber range approach to provide a realistic and rounded experience, with unique benefits for both faculty and students, including:

  • The ability to hone their skills in real-world scenarios: Students will learn in the same environment they will use on the job post-graduation. For example, Keysight’s BreakingPoint simulates real-world attacks using legitimate traffic, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) and malware, enabling students to learn from actual scenarios, not scripts. These scenarios are regularly updated by Keysight’s professional teams, ensuring students are trained on the latest threats.
  • The ability to quickly think on their feet: A full range of Red Team and Blue Team lab exercises, based on one or more of the simplified Cyber Kill Chain stages, prepares students for the unexpected and everchanging environment in the cyberworld.
  • Easy integration into the school’s Learning Management System (LMS): A common frustration for faculty is when third-party teaching tools have limited or no integration with the university’s LMS. KCTS features full Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) to ensure that instructors can take full advantage of their university’s LMS investment.
  • Easy customization: The instructor has full ownership and control to create and customize scenarios as needed for the syllabus.

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