AB Handshake AI Shield detects voice fraud attacks in real-time

The telecom industry has long been under the threat of fraud. While traditional fraud management systems (FMS) have managed to stop some fraud attacks, there hasn’t been a comprehensive solution. AB Handshake presented AI Shield, an AI-based FMS that eliminates voice fraud attacks in real-time on all inbound and outbound traffic on an operator’s network.

AB Handshake AI Shield

The impact of fraud is summarised by the $39.9 bln lost annually to telcos worldwide, and this number keeps rising. The FCC is actively involved in the fight against global telecom fraud, with a special focus on robocalls. To mitigate this threat, AB Handshake has combined ML and Big Data technology in its latest product, AI Shield. This solution hits a new standard of 97% accuracy in detecting and preventing all major voice fraud types.

Inside AI Shield

  • AI & ML: identifies telecom fraud patterns and spots well-disguised attacks early on.
  • Real-time monitoring: detects and alerts or blocks attacks before they strike.
  • Complex system based on 200+ parameters: mitigates all major fraud types.

AI Shield’s immediate benefits:

  • Saves time and money by stopping fraud in real time.
  • AI Shield’s engine has been trained on vast volumes of retail and wholesale voice traffic and delivers the highest level of fraud detection accuracy on the market.
  • Increases revenue by avoiding service denial. The built-in IVR module warns you when calling high-risk number ranges.
  • Instant flexibility with a user-friendly interface, allowing customization for alerting, blocking, and reports.

AI Shield is an all-in-one solution for voice fraud protection, delivering amazing cost savings from day one by preventing fraudulent calls in real-time and stopping revenue loss. It provides businesses with much greater telecom fraud protection than other FMSs at a lower cost with almost seamless integration into the default settings of a business’s current network.

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