Arkose Labs and Ping Identity join forces to prevent advanced account-based fraud attacks

Arkose Labs announced a new integration with Ping Identity leveraging PingOne DaVinci, a no-code identity orchestration service.

The integration provides an advanced layer of protection to prevent bot and human-led fraud attacks on account registration and login flows.

Insights from the Arkose Global Network show that the number of active fraudsters has increased by 10x since 2019 and consumer account-based fraud continues to drive nearly 33% of cybercrime losses. The efficacy of Arkose Labs’ technology is well-regarded, with the largest companies in the world seeing a 90%+ improvement in bot detection with a 70%+ improvement in authorized user throughput.

The integration combines Ping Identity’s IAM platform with the Arkose Fraud Deterrence Platform, creating a secure identity ecosystem and a frictionless digital experience for users. Leveraging Arkose Labs and Ping Identity, enterprise customers can better identify authorized users up front, allowing them to easily sign up and log in. And equally important, this partnership reduces enterprise reliance on multi factor authentication (MFA).

Upon this news, Arkose Labs Chief Product Officer Ashish Jain said: “Arkose Labs is very excited to integrate our leading fraud detection and protection platform into DaVinci. Together with Ping we are providing a best in class experience to end users while helping to protect a company’s digital environment from malicious attacks. We are excited to work together to continue building the best protected user experiences across e-commerce, finance, gaming, and consumer technology companies.”

Arkose Labs joins a growing list of companies developing integrations with PingOne DaVinci through the Ping Identity Global Technology Partner Program. Partner solutions that integrate with PingOne DaVinci enable organizations to be more competitive in this new digital era where the seamless user experience is not sacrificed for evolving demands on security.

“Ping Identity is committed to expanding our technology partner ecosystem to deliver better, more frictionless customer experiences,” said Loren Russon, the SVP of product management at Ping Identity. “Our partnership with Arkose Labs leverages PingOne DaVinci’s seamless orchestration to ensure dynamic user journeys are delivered quickly and efficiently at every stage of the user journey.”

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