Persona Dynamic Flow enables users to verify sensitive identity information

Persona launched “Dynamic Flow,” a risk response and verification engine that customizes the identity verification (IDV) process in real time for each user and use case.

Persona Dynamic Flow

The new release ingests live signals throughout the verification process and uses these signals to adjust each individual’s experience based on their risk profile and the company’s risk tolerance. Now, all types of businesses can personalize the IDV experience to optimize the customer journey, minimize friction, and onboard as many trusted users as possible — all without massive operational or engineering resources.

“Customers today demand a quick and seamless experience. But in most cases, high- and low-risk individuals are treated with the same level of scrutiny during a transaction,” said Rick Song, CEO, Persona. “The intent is to prevent fraud, but the result is a cumbersome process and a frustrated customer. Dynamic Flow granularly customizes the verification journey — from what information to collect to what needs to be verified — so each customer receives a tailored experience.”

With Dynamic Flow, businesses can collect and verify the information they need to vet riskier users while minimizing the amount asked of less risky individuals. For example, if a user fails the address check when opening a new checking account, the bank can ask them to submit a proof of address. If the user passes the address check, they can simply move on to the next step. Similarly, marketplaces can surface different verification flows based on the user’s age or IP address.

Benefits and features of Dynamic Flow include:

  • Collection and verification flows optimized in real time to user risk: Adjust friction for users in real time based on risk indicated by active, passive, behavioral, and enriched signals, such as self-reported information, IP address, location, and distraction events. Increase or bypass checks and verification requirements as needed to minimize drop-off and deter fraud.
  • No-code flow builder: Quickly build, deploy, and iterate on your collection flow and conditional verification logic with our visual drag and drop template editor.
  • Fully customizable UI: Increase conversions by making each flow feel like a native part of your overall experience. Configure any component on any screen, including what information to collect and which screen to show next, to align with your brand’s look and feel.
  • Native funnel analytics: Understand where and why users drop off with data around volume, pass rates, and drop-off, and use this information to identify friction points and optimize your flow.

Song added: “IDV today is riddled with friction and inconsistencies, largely because it’s solely viewed as a means of fraud prevention and security, rather than a core component of the customer experience and journey. Identity is a relationship, not a transaction. It is contextual and dynamic, not a one-off checkbox.”

Given how complex identity is, Dynamic Flow is a natural expansion of Persona’s already robust suite of identity tools that helps businesses with everything from case management and KYB to the orchestration of the entire identity process both inside and outside of Persona. The new addition allows for even more customization, enabling businesses to build tailored solutions that balance conversion, risk, and operational burden on their teams — all while giving end-users first-class identity experiences.

Already a number of leaders in fintech, online gaming, marketplaces, and edtech — like FTX US Derivatives, Carvana and Z-League — are using Dynamic Flow to create a seamless identity verification experience for their customers.

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