CircleCI launches support for GitLab SaaS developers

CircleCI released support for GitLab SaaS customers. Now, joint customers can enjoy interoperability between tools from GitLab, The One DevOps Platform for software innovation, and CircleCI.

Software development teams using GitLab can now build, test, and deploy on CircleCI, and access CircleCI’s speed, automatic test-splitting, and the largest array of resource classes and compute options anywhere.

Founded in 2011, CircleCI has always been at the forefront of software development. Serving thousands of companies across the globe, CircleCI empowers its customers to take ideas to execution, at scale, by fine-tuning the development process from start to finish.

As nearly every company in every industry becomes software-based, the pace of change is set to increase. With this rapid growth comes more complexities, broadening the responsibilities and importance of developers and software teams.

“We are building a world where any change, anywhere in the software ecosystem, can be managed using CircleCI, giving software teams more confidence, choice, and control over their development and delivery processes,” said Jim Rose, CEO, CircleCI. “As part of this mission, we’ve worked hard to provide support to GitLab customers, and look forward to what they’ll build in collaboration with CircleCI.”

“At GitLab, we believe everyone can contribute, which is made possible by offering interoperability with industry peers like CircleCI,” said Nima Badiey, VP of Alliances, GitLab. “This integration allows easier migration paths for customers looking to leverage GitLab for source code management and more, further supporting GitLab’s mission to provide customers with modern solutions.”

With native support for GitLab SaaS, joint CircleCI and GitLab customers have access to:

  • GitLab-based triggers: Developers can decide when to trigger pipelines in CircleCI from GitLab forked merge requests, only merge requests, and commits for specific branches.
  • Enhanced permissions models: CircleCI’s new comprehensive permissions management allows security, DevOps, and developer teams to safeguard their configurations with confidence that other contributors will make changes only to their areas of focus.
  • Compatibility across toolchains: CircleCI connects with services developer teams already use like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Slack, Atlassian, and provides abilities to build on GitLab SaaS, GitHub, and Bitbucket.
  • Enhanced engineering decision-making: With pipeline performance and health metrics customers can see real-time data on credit usage, success rates, flaky tests, pipeline duration, and more.

Early adopters have already seen improvements to stay flexible and deliver business value quickly. In fact, Yoel Astanovsky from financial services provider Moneytor said, “The integration with GitLab worked flawlessly. It was easy, fast and productive.”

“CircleCI is enabling developers to choose which tools work best for them. Their GitLab support creates an opportunity to expand how developers view and use CI/CD, resulting in improved productivity, higher code quality, richer integrations, and greater business value,” said Jim Mercer, Research Director of IDC DevOps and DevSecOps Solutions.

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