Codenotary Auditable Change Management enables organizations to manage licensing fees

Codenotary releases Auditable Change Management (ACM), the software that enables organizations to maintain record of the changes in their application infrastructure to manage licensing fees and achieve an operating expense (OPEX) reduction.

Until now, organizations were subjected to substantial licensing fees with much of the license remaining unused to allow for “headroom” to avoid violating license fees for maximum usage. With ACM, organizations do not need to pay for maximum VMware vSphere configurations – for software licenses such as Oracle Database, Java Runtime Environment (JRE), Microsoft SQL Server, SAP HANA – because they maintain verifiable, tamper-proof, accurate records for the resources they actually use.

“With our new ACM platform, organizations now have an indelible, precise record of their VMware infrastructure configuration and resource usage, along with time-stamped changes – providing proof of compliance with licensing terms,” said Dennis Zimmer, co-founder and chief technology officer at Codenotary. “Support for additional infrastructure providers is scheduled in the near future.”

Users of ACM benefit from knowing that they are complying with license requirements and that when a change in licensing is required, for example when migrating an application to a more powerful server, they are able to proactively reach out to the software vendor.

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