Armory CD Self-Hosted and Managed 2.28 aids DevOps to deploy software at any scale

Armory introduces its CD Self-Hosted and Managed 2.28 product release that supports Armory’s commitment to empowering development teams to deploy software at any scale.

Armory’s CD Self-Hosted and Managed 2.28 product release encompasses new features, optimizations, and contributions from the Spinnaker community to ensure development teams can deploy code with even greater confidence than ever before.

This release embodies Armory’s commitment to providing Spinnaker and addressing the complex use cases development teams encounter. This includes functional testing of all community code commitments, plug-ins and CVE remediation. This resulted in a Long Term Support (LTS) release assuring platform teams can provide developers with a stable platform that delivers deployments at high velocity. CD Self-Hosted addresses the two most common pain points companies encounter: growth and scale.

“Armory has invested heavily in our test automation infrastructure so the reliability and performance of the platform provides the stability that elite development teams demand,” said Jim Douglas, Armory president and CEO. “This latest 2.28 release empowers dev teams to accomplish continuous deployment at scale while providing them the best user experience.”

Release 2.28 includes new features created to address common customer pain points within Terraform outputs and parallel pipelines. Specific features include:

  • Terraformer show stage – Allows the pipeline to enforce infrastructure policies and test for quality with every infrastructure change, reducing operational risk and increasing stability.
  • Remote backend support for Terraform Enterprise and Terraform Cloud – Helping users have access to assistance within the platform.
  • Max concurrent pipeline executions – Customers can control the amount of maximum parallel pipeline executions, accelerating deployment frequency and velocity while speeding up time-to-market with exciting new features and products.

“Elite developer teams know and love the power of Spinnaker when it comes to deploying their software continuously,” said Adam Frank, VP Product at Armory. “The Spinnaker community is a part of Armory’s DNA, and it’s evident in how we’ve built CD Self-Hosted and Managed. We’ve taken the best of Spinnaker and combined it with our world-class approach to continuous deployment to give developers a complete and reliable end-to-end solution from the moment they commit code.”

This release comes on the heels of yet another milestone for Armory in its mission to make software deployment reliable, scalable, and safe; and ultimately help developers Commit, Deploy, Repeat: the launch of Continuous Deployment-as-a-Service, which delivers declarative deployments across multiple environments that support advanced progressive strategies, allowing developers to focus on building great code rather than deploying it.

To accommodate the release of Armory Continuous Deployment-as-a-Service into Armory’s growing continuous deployment solutions, the self-hosted and managed offerings of Armory Enterprise have been renamed:

  • Armory Enterprise becomes Armory Continuous Deployment Self-Hosted
  • Armory Enterprise Managed becomes Armory Continuous Deployment Managed
  • Armory Agent for Kubernetes becomes Armory Scale Agent for Spinnaker & Kubernetes
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