Whistic collaborates with Cobalt to reduce risks that come from onboarding third-party applications

Whistic collaborates with Cobalt to enable vendors to consolidate all of their security documentation, including standard questionnaires, certifications, audits, and pentests (a security assessment, analysis and simulation of cyber attacks on an application or network to test security) into one centralized location, simplifying the security review process and accelerating sales along the way.

Both Whistic and Cobalt are committed to reducing risks that come from onboarding third-party applications to your environment by identifying and remediating potential vulnerabilities before any damage is caused.

“Cobalt is revolutionizing the pentesting industry and we are very excited to partner with them to help top organizations around the world stay secure,” said Sunil Dsouza, Vice President of Partnerships and Business Development at Whistic. “This partnership enables Cobalt customers to turn their pentest reports into a sales acceleration tool. Cobalt customers with a security-first mindset can start building trust with their prospects early in the buying cycle by sharing their security documentation using Whistic Profiles.”

As part of the partnership, Cobalt customers can opt into creating a Whistic Profile, which in addition to consolidating security documentation in one place, also makes it easy to share this information with customers. Profiles can be shared either directly with prospects or by publishing the Profile to the Whistic Trust Catalog, which contains thousands of Profiles and makes it easy for prospects to find and assess vendors on-demand.

“Digital transformation has fundamentally changed the way businesses operate, and it stands to reason that pentesting would undergo similar disruption,” said Caroline Wong, Chief Strategy Officer at Cobalt. “For that reason, we look to partners like Whistic, who continue to push forward and innovate on the technologies that keep our customers, prospects and partners more secure.”

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