NetRise Platform provides continuous monitoring of XIoT firmware vulnerabilities

NetRise released the NetRise Platform, which is providing insights into shared vulnerabilities across XIoT firmware images in an organization.

NetRise Platform

NetRise is a cloud-based SaaS platform that analyzes and monitors the firmware of XIoT devices. The firmware images are then dissected, presenting all of the key data, artifacts, and risk in an easy-to-consume interface. As a result, NetRise reduces the time and cost of firmware security programs allowing organizations to find and remediate previously undetected issues.

“Traditional XIoT security products have little-to-no visibility into the underlying components of these devices. As a result, XIoT firmware has been treated like a black box, as end users have had minimal control over it,” said Thomas Pace, Co-Founder & CEO of NetRise.

Pace continued: “With the release of the NetRise Platform, organizations now have complete visibility and continuous monitoring of XIoT firmware vulnerabilities and potential points of exposure to fill in the gaping hole that exists in most security programs.”


  • Complete visibility: Uncovers repeat vulnerabilities found across all products in an organization, provides clear prioritization of risks and reduces the time it takes for human responders to apply context to complex problems.
  • Continuous monitoring: NetRise continuously monitors and analyzes artifacts within firmware to identify and prioritize:
    • Vulnerabilities (known and unknown)
    • Compliance adherence
    • Software bill of materials (SBOM)
    • Misconfigurations
    • Overall risk

Key features:

  • Vulnerability identification and Monitoring
  • Comprehensive SBOM
  • Risk comparisons of new firmware versions to existing versions
  • Vulnerability and other risk prioritization
  • Correlation across all monitored devices
  • Firmware repository to query when new vulnerabilities are identified

“NetRise provides the perfect solution for mapping XIoT devices to traditional security processes,” said Michael Scott, Co-Founder & CTO of NetRise.

“With the company’s advanced capabilities to detect components, misconfigurations, risks and vulnerabilities, organizations gain the unprecedented ability to quantify and prioritize the risk in these historically troublesome devices. NetRise uniquely has access to over one million firmware images, which produces hundreds of thousands of vulnerabilities potentially exploitable by threat actors that are not properly documented in the National Vulnerability Database (NVD).”, Scott continnued.

NetRise recently announced a partnership with Fortress Information Security. The NetRise partnership gives Fortress Information Security’s global customers access to the firmware binary analysis platform. Through the partnership, NetRise gains access to a robust route to market for power, oil and gas and manufacturing clients that Fortress serves, a market that historically has proven difficult to tap into.

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