IRONSCALES Security Awareness Training educates users about phishing attacks

IRONSCALES has launched the addition of new advanced Security Awareness Training to help customers better educate their employees on how to spot phishing attacks, improve their overall security knowledge, and learn about multiple industry compliance framework requirements.

With this launch, IRONSCALES’ Complete Protect plan customers will gain exclusive access to over a hundred new training videos in nine languages from IRONSCALES’ partner Wizer Training. This new addition streamlines the ability for customers to launch Security Awareness Training (SAT) to all employees, specific employees, or smart groups such as specific departments, roles, or locations.

Further, since it is integrated with Complete Protect, SAT campaigns can also be targeted to employees based on results of IRONSCALES Phishing Simulation Testing (PST) campaigns. Customers with custom training requirements can also upload their own training video content to use with a specific PST or SAT campaign.

Security and compliance leaders will be able to track and report on awareness training and phishing simulation progress for any campaign, including campaigns that use their own uploaded content.

In a recent Privacy Sharks Cybersecurity report, 97% of the population admits to being unable to recognize a phishing scam and phishing attempts increased vastly over the last two years, accounting for 1 in every 4,200 emails.

“As phishing attacks and their sophistication continue to rise, it is imperative that IRONSCALES provides tools and training to equip employees to help in the fight against phishing,” said IRONSCALES CEO and Founder, Eyal Benishti. “Technology can stop about 99% of the phishing attacks out there, but the remaining 1% that slip through technology defenses can be caught by empowered employees who have the knowledge and tools at their fingertips to protect their organizations.”

In addition to Wizer Training content, customers have access to premium training content packs from partners at NINJIO, Habitu8, Cybermaniacs, and Infosequre.

“Organizations need to rely on safe email and communication tools to do business. It is our mission at IRONSCALES to help organizations focus on driving their business results,” said Benishti.

“We are excited to partner with our new and existing training partners to deliver top-notch security awareness training and phishing simulation to help end-users spot phishing as a last line of defense. We believe deploying an integrated human and machine approach to cybersecurity is the best and most secure way to protect your organization from attack.”, Benishti continued.

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