ForgeRock partners with Secret Double Octopus to extend passwordless and MFA capabilities

ForgeRock has partnered with Secret Double Octopus (SDO) to extend ForgeRock’s passwordless and Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) capabilities to enterprise workstations and infrastructure.

Initially, ForgeRock will leverage technology from SDO to enable a unified MFA experience for employees, contractors, and vendors.

The new solution, named ForgeRock Enterprise Connect, integrates with any ForgeRock deployment option, giving enterprises the ability to achieve security for workstations, databases, VPNs, and servers.

The initial product release includes:

  • Workstation MFA – Provides secure Windows and Mac workstation access with the ForgeRock Authenticator App, with push and one-time passcode notifications
  • Desktop single sign on (SSO) – Leverages the same workstation login credential to single sign on to the rest of the enterprise for a seamless user experience
  • Remote desktop MFA – Ensures secure access for virtual and remote Windows desktops with strong MFA
  • Enterprise infrastructure MFA – Eliminates unnecessary friction with seamless login experiences to VPNs, databases, and Unix/Linux servers

“Combating unauthorized access and credential-based attacks is mission critical for organizations to protect sensitive data,” said Fran Rosch, CEO, ForgeRock. “This strategic partnership will help accelerate our plans to more comprehensively secure the enterprise against major threats.”

“Secret Double Octopus is thrilled to enter into this strategic partnership with ForgeRock,” said Raz Rafaeli, CEO of Secret Double Octopus. “We look forward to exploring future opportunities to bring new solutions to market that make authentication more seamless and eventually passwordless.”

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