ImmuniWeb joins Cybersecurity Tech Accord to improve cyber resilience for customers

The Cybersecurity Tech Accord is a global interindustry agreement and partnership of leading cybersecurity and technology vendors that are jointly building a better future in cyberspace. Some vendors and experts referred to it as a nascent version of Geneva Cybersecurity Convention.

The signatories of the Tech Accord strive to protect all their customers in the best possible manner, to progressively help their customers fortify their cyber resilience and cyber defense capabilities, to shield innocent citizens and enterprises from the amplifying cyber threats, and to partner with each other to bolster joint capabilities and create synergies for the benefit of their customers.

The foundational principles and commitments of the signatories of the Cybersecurity Tech Accord are elaborated below:

  • We will strive to protect all our users and customers from cyberattacks – whether an individual, organization or government – irrespective of their technical acumen, culture or location, or the motives of the attacker, whether criminal or geopolitical.
  • We will design, develop, and deliver products and services that prioritize security, privacy, integrity and reliability, and in turn reduce the likelihood, frequency, exploitability, and severity of vulnerabilities.
  • We will protect against tampering with and exploitation of technology products and services during their development, design, distribution and use.
  • We will not help governments launch cyberattacks against innocent citizens and enterprises from anywhere.
  • We will provide our users, customers and the wider developer ecosystem with information and tools that enable them to understand current and future threats and protect themselves against them.
  • We will support civil society, governments and international organizations in their efforts to advance security in cyberspace and to build cybersecurity capacity in developed and emerging economies alike.
  • We will work with each other and will establish formal and informal partnerships with industry, civil society, and security researchers, across proprietary and open-source technologies to improve technical collaboration, coordinated vulnerability disclosure, and threat sharing, as well as to minimize the levels of malicious code being introduced into cyberspace.
  • We will encourage global information sharing and civilian efforts to identify, prevent, detect, respond to, and recover from cyberattacks and ensure flexible responses to security of the wider global technology ecosystem.

Andis Steinmanis, Director of Strategic Alliances at ImmuniWeb, says: “We are delighted to team up with the global technology and cybersecurity leaders to build a better and securer future for the next generations. Collaboration within the industry, strong commitment to place interests of your customers above your own ones, and relentless fight against the raising hydra of cybercrime – are the values that we entirely share. We look forward to contributing to the Cybersecurity Tech Accord with our award-winning technology and help building long-time success of all stakeholders.”

ImmuniWeb has been consistently contributing to the creation of a cyber-resilient ecosystem around the globe, notably by partnering with the CyberPeace Institute, the UN ITU, Trust Valley and various national CERTs. Additionally, our free Community Edition serves SMEs, universities, non-profit organizations and small municipal governments around the globe to test and protect their digital infrastructure at no cost. The Community Edition currently runs over 100,000 daily tests.

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