Hillstone Networks unveils new firewalls to help enterprises defend against advanced threats

Hillstone Networks has unveiled new models in the Hillstone Networks A-Series Firewalls, the A7600 and A6800, to help enterprises secure their expanding network edge, deliver network security capabilities, and drive sustainability with solutions in a compact 1RU form factor.

According to IBM’s Cost of a Breach 2022 report, 83% of organizations studied have had more than one breach. Cyberattacks are not abating, and the cost, damages and recovery from a single breach continue to rise.

Against an aggressive cyberattack backdrop, the volume and complexity of traffic in today’s IT environments continue to increase due to the expansion of different services such as videos, apps, and cloud-based-everything. With increased connectivity to services comes an increased complexity of vulnerabilities to secure against.

Secure an expanded network edge with Hillstone A-Series Firewalls

Enterprises need firewalls to meet today’s bandwidth requirements, service levels, and defend against more advanced threats. As the network edge expands from the traditional on-premises network perimeter, IT teams now must secure unforeseen levels of depth, as all layers of the IT stack must be secured at the edge.

Minimize the speed versus security trade-off with proprietary hardware acceleration engine

IT teams regularly compromise one need over another, based on budget or resources. Hillstone’s proprietary Hardware (HW) Acceleration Engine offloads network traffic from the processor, allowing more resources to be dedicated for security services, bringing streamlined threat detection and prevention capabilities to high-traffic applications and scenarios.

The HW Acceleration Engine delivers low latency in network packet forwarding, allowing the FW to sift through and secure even the most latency-sensitive applications, including multimedia streaming, broker services, and other high-volume transactions.

Native cyberresilience combined with high throughput/low latency deliver on app and customer experience

Raw processing speed, with throughputs of 200 Gbps and 280 Gbps, allow for packet forwarding within a few microseconds, delivering quality of service across networks.

Enterprise-grade security features come native with these offerings, including threat protection for known and unknown malware with multiple security services, including Intrusion Prevention, IP Reputation, URL Filtering, Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, Cloud Sandbox, Botnet C2, among others.

“Because today’s network traffic across all applications and services is increasing both in complexity, and in volume across hybrid and multi-cloud deployments, a high performing NGFW is no longer optional – it is now mandatory,” said Tim Liu, co-founder & CTO, Hillstone Networks.

“Today’s data centers, edge locations, service providers are looking for a powerful solution that delivers on multiple fronts – security, performance, and customer experience. The new NGFW offerings deliver the on the needs of our customers today with the flexibility of multiple deployment models.”, Liu continued.

The A-Series FW is a platform for enterprise customers to enable an SD-WAN solution to bridge connectivity and security needs. The integration consolidates network VPN and security in one device or client, allowing for a faster, lower-cost and more secure local internet connection at remote locations.

In addition, customers can also unlock a Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution, to meet remote access security requirements, including identity-based, least-privileged secure access, as well as context-aware, adaptive access control, enhancing both security and effectiveness for the remote connections.

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