D3 Security launches D3 Chronos to help MSSPs with SOAR implementation

D3 Security has launched D3 Chronos, a streamlined SOAR package for managed security services providers (MSSPs) that can cut alert-handling times by 90% within two weeks.

D3 Security Chronos

In contrast to full-scale SOAR implementations that can take months, D3 Chronos is purpose-built to provide return on investment and prioritize MSSPs’ effectiveness and business outcomes.

D3 Chronos allows MSSPs to onboard their customers and automate triage, which increases profitability by optimizing customer-to-analyst ratios.

MSSPs connect their clients’ alert sources with D3 Chronos and start saving time and money. D3 Chronos has flexible pricing, including a pay-monthly option for smaller firms that fits the revenue cycle of MSSPs while helping them minimize capital expenditures.

D3 Chronos was made possible by the recent breakthrough of D3 Security’s Event Pipeline, a SOAR technology that acts globally to normalize, deduplicate, and triage incoming events, filtering out 90-98% of events and eliminating false positives before they reach a human analyst.

“In today’s competitive managed services landscape, everyone needs automation, but not every MSSP has the resources to commit to a full-scale SOAR implementation,” said Denis Barnett, D3 Security’s VP of Sales.

“D3 Chronos fills a critical gap in the market by making the revenue-generating potential of SOAR immediately accessible to every MSSP without compromising the power of the software.”, Barnett continued.

D3 Chronos is designed for busy MSSPs that want to scale their client base and unlock profits through automation. D3 Security estimates that an MSSP that processes 400 events per day can save over $1 million annually through automating triage alone.

In addition to the automated triage and enrichment pipeline, D3 Chronos automates tracking of client SLAs and billable hours.

When an event requires a second level of investigation, D3 Chronos compiles the results into a report for the client, saving MSSP analysts a huge amount of time.

D3 Security continues to see growth in the MSSP market, of which the launch of D3 Chronos is just one aspect. MSSPs of all sizes choose D3 Security because of its ability to take MSSPs from Tier 1 automation all the way to threat hunting and full-scale MDR capabilities.

Growing MSSPs that use D3 Chronos are supported as they evolve, with new SOAR options that match their needs.

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