IKOULA and ESET join forces to block ransomware and zero-day threats

With the resurgence of cyber-attacks, which are ever more violent and paralyzing for companies, IKOULA has joined forces with ESET to offer companies a professional endpoint protection solution against ransomware and zero-day threats.

At a time when cyber-risks must be approached in the same way as all other business risks, IKOULA is strengthening its range of cyber-protection solutions, and now offers to its customers the ESET solution: a solution created to protect all company’s workstations from a single interface, whether they are desktop computers, laptops, or mobile devices.

“At ESET, we have made the choice to include in our solutions not only Cloud sandboxing technology – that is to say blocking ransomware and zero-day threats – but also full disk encryption functionality, as well as advanced multi-layer technology”, explains Bruno Bonny, Marketing Director of ESET France.

“Protection against cyber-attacks is therefore comprehensive and optimal.”, Bonny continued.

“Companies’ cybersecurity needs are constantly increasing”, continues Jean-Pascal Macchi, Managing Director of IKOULA.

“By offering our customers ESET solution, we give them the keys to responding to these issues and protecting themselves against the risks that could affect their dedicated servers, but also their other devices, and by extension their activity.”, Macchi continued.

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