Asigra Tigris Data Protection now incorporates CDR for protection against deeply embedded malware

Asigra has released Tigris Data Protection software with CDR (Content Disarm & Reconstruction).

According to the 2022 Verizon Business Data Breach Investigation’s Report, “This has been an unprecedented year in cybersecurity history, shedding light on some of the leading issues affecting the international security landscape. Of particular concern is the alarming rise in ransomware breaches, which increased by 13 percent in a single year – representing a jump greater than the past five years combined.”

To address the ransomware threat, which now puts both primary and backup data at significant risk, Asigra Tigris Data Protection software now incorporates CDR for protection against deeply embedded malware.

The latest breed of ransomware embeds malicious code deep within content files that are often nested and zipped. Cybercriminals understand that antimalware can’t scan what it can’t see, so utilizing deeply embedded code allows them to evade antimalware.

The new security capability, CDR, deconstructs supported files into its smallest components to determine if there is malicious code, macros, links, or executables embedded within.

After filtering and quarantining the malware, CDR rebuilds the original file without the malware. The technology outperforms predictive detection-based methods by removing any potential payload threats embedded deep within each file.

The new CDR functionality guarantees the integrity of the files by retaining file functionality and authenticity without the malicious code.

Asigra CDR includes the following capabilities:

  • Backup/recovery stream scans for potentially malicious or unauthorized content embedded within files (macros, scripts, etc.).
  • Flexible operation with user-defined policies (filter, remove and block).
  • Powerful and fast inline scanning with the ability to break down each archive/file into its smallest components, cleanse the data and re-constitute in-stream as clean, recoverable data.
  • Bidirectional scanning, allowing CDR scanning of all files prior to encryption and delivery to the backup repository, as well as CDR scanning during recovery, prior to the files re-entering the production network. This is accomplished by policy-based execution to act on potentially dangerous objects.

Asigra Tigris is the data protection platform that converges backup and cybersecurity, creating new levels of cooperation between data protection and security professionals.

Asigra’s security architecture now includes bidirectional antimalware scanning with inline detection on both the backup and recovery streams, zero-day exploit protection, Deep MFA (multi-factor authentication), variable repository naming to non-standard names to prevent recognition and encryption/deletion, soft-delete enablement, FIPS 140-2 certified encryption, and now bidirectional CDR.

Combined, these features provide a multi-layered security stack that hunts malware and provides security technologies to protect backup data, a company’s last line of defense.

“Worrisome increases in cybersecurity attacks on critical business systems has followed the rise in remote work environments over the past couple years. These attacks are commonly finding their way within corporate networks, and in many cases, specifically targeting backup systems,” said Val Silva, CTO of Asigra.

“With Asigra CDR, Tigris Data Protection has reset the bar with ultra-secure backup that ensures organizations meet their business continuity objectives for absolute confidence in the ability to recover mission critical data when needed.”, Silva continued.

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