CellTrust and Xillio join forces to offer secure and compliant content migration

CellTrust and Xillio have entered a strategic relationship to offer Xillio data migration to organizations through CellTrust.

Most of CellTrust’s customers operate in highly regulated industries, i.e., financial services, government, healthcare, education, or insurance, where recordkeeping, eDiscovery, and compliance are mandated by law (SEC, CFTC, FINRA, SOX, FCA, MiFID II, IIROC, FOIA, Sunshine Laws, Public Records Laws and HIPAA).

As the number of mobile communication channels (text, chat, voice, email, app to app) grows, highly regulated organizations are looking for technology to help them seamlessly manage, govern, classify, monitor and enforce regulatory compliance.

They are also often required by law to capture, archive, and retain the data across these channels for eDiscovery and compliance audit purposes.

“As the market demands, CellTrust is excited to be able to support organizations transitioning from one archiving solution to another,” said Sean Moshir, CellTrust Chairman and CEO.

“Xillio is a leader in content migration solutions and experts in secure and compliant data migration.”, Moshir continued.

Simultaneously, the global market for Enterprise Information Archiving (EIA) continues to expand, as do the technological features.

To improve efficiency, price performance, security and compliance outcomes, some organizations opt to consolidate previously separate archiving platforms for specific communication channels into one overarching data management solution.

“With an experienced team across EMEA and North America, Xillio is at the forefront of helping organizations plan and execute a secure and compliant content migration strategy,” said Rikkert Engels, Founder and CEO Xillio.

“We are thrilled to be working with CellTrust within the dynamic Enterprise Information Archiving space.”, Engels continued.

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