Daon IdentityX voice biometrics now available on Genesys’ Cloud CX platform

Daon has announced the availability of IdentityX voice biometrics on the Genesys AppFoundry.

Leveraging the Genesys AudioHook API, the new integration delivers identity verification and proofing, mitigates fraudulent account-take-over (ATO) and increases the speed of customers moving through their desired workflows.

This connectivity to Daon IdentityX is easy for Genesys customers to implement, and runs seamlessly in the background.

This solution addresses a growing need among businesses: In 2021, incidents of fraud cost Americans $25 billion, with estimates to grow to $65 billion by 20261.

Industry Analysts estimate over 60% of all fraud losses can be traced back to the contact center. Traditional security measures like passwords and KBA questions are increasingly less effective, more susceptible to fraudsters, and add friction to the customer experience.

“Businesses are constantly adding more sophisticated identity proofing and verification technologies to combat fraud. With contact centers being the heart of the activity, Daon is excited to bring our patented and proven voice biometrics authentication into Genesys’ industry leading Cloud CX platform,” said Ralph Rodriguez, President and Chief Product Officer at Daon.

“With the support of the AudioHook APIs, deployment of the Daon’s IdentityX voice biometrics can be up and running in a matter of hours, without any major changes to the call center’s existing customer workflows.”, Rodriguez continued.

Genesys AudioHook Monitor streams the call audio from the Genesys Cloud CX platform to Daon IdentityX to perform voice biometric authentication in real time.

Leveraging a library of biometric algorithms and AI technology, Daon helps organizations provide a flexible, voice biometric authentication and identity continuity experience.

“We are excited to support the implementation of Daon IdentityX to our mutual customers using Genesys Cloud CX,” added Dave Murashige, Head of IP and Innovation at Avtex.

“With ATO and other on-line fraud on the rise, we’re in full support of incorporating Daon’s patented voice biometric solution to deter fraud throughout our partners contact center offering.”, Murashige continued.

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