Arista Networks expands and accelerates EOS routing validated for cloud, carrier and enterprise solutions

Arista Networks has unveiled innovations for its cloud-grade routing platform that simplify and secure routing for the enterprise, mobile provider and cloud operators. These software and hardware innovations continue to drive down customer operational cost and complexity with a consistent and modern approach to a broad range of routing use cases.

“We are excited to partner with Arista Networks to innovate, build and operate one of the world’s largest Internet Backbone and to advance our Next-Generation routing roadmap,” said Dariusz Solowiej, Vice President, Network Technology & Customer Operations at Arelion.

“Arista’s R3-series and EOS software allow us to address the rapid growth in demand and connectivity services in the highly dynamic and competitive market.”, Solowiej continued.

Consistent architectural foundation for diverse use-cases

Arista’s cloud-grade routing platform was introduced six years ago. It is based on cloud principles of scale-out architectures, standards-based protocols, and software-driven control. Powered by EOS Network Data Lake (NetDL), Arista offers a single software base that runs across all Arista platforms for both switching and routing use-cases to deliver operational consistency, modern programmability and deployment flexibility.

This approach has transformed modern routing, helping customers to eliminate operational inefficiencies caused by proprietary siloed architectures and fragmented software offerings of traditional router vendors. In contrast, Arista’s latest innovations drive additional new use cases, including secure enterprise edge, high speed cloud connect, and mobile networks.

For enterprises, protecting applications, intellectual property and business data is a top priority due to cyber threats. Arista advances the enterprise edge by securing data-in-transit over high speed links with TunnelSec technology, providing in-line encryption at wire rate from 10G to 400G in the R3 Series and eliminating the performance bottleneck of legacy encryption deployments.

“Arista has crossed the chasm from data center to routing,” said Zeus Kerravala, Founder and Principal Analyst with ZK Research. “Solid execution and innovations such as TunnelSec show how Arista’s approach continues to disrupt the routing market.”

Further, enterprise Data Center Interconnect (DCI) deployments are simplified with a unified solution connecting Ethernet VPN (EVPN) based data centers or across MPLS domains and leveraging cost-effective 400GZR optics and integrated line systems.

“Arista’s R-series routing platforms allowed us to implement our high-bandwidth, low latency, inter-DC replication services, in a cost-effective form factor. The combination of the EOS Single binary image, and the capabilities of the underlying HW+SW allowed us to grow rapidly with minimal operations overhead,” said Matej Dobsinsky, Director HEC Network Operations, SAP.

In the cloud provider space, cloud operators are trying to address the explosion of bandwidth and connectivity needs for next generation Internet peering, cloud onramp and cloud inter-zone connectivity. The expanded R3 series portfolio delivers increased route scale by 30% and provides a seamless transition to 100G and 400G and simplified connectivity options.

“Seattle IX’s strategy is to invest in world-class network infrastructure for providing reliable and scalable interconnection,” said Nikos Mouat, President of the Seattle Internet Exchange. “We are excited to partner with Arista to help meet the rapid bandwidth growth and 100G/400G connectivity demands for our members.”

In mobile 5G networks, mobile applications, such as smart city traffic control, essential services, autonomous vehicle connectivity, eHealth, etc, have stringent time synchronization requirements. The R3 series also delivers precision timing solutions, achieved via Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE) and Precision Time Protocol (PTP), at the highest level of accuracy, to provide the best experience.

Next generation routing platforms

Maintaining operational consistency, architecture and features is critical for customers evolving to next generation routing solutions and continued evolution to 800G and beyond. The expanded R3 Series continues to disrupt the traditional router market, with power reduction, feature expansion and performance improvements helping customers reduce cost and complexity for both existing and emerging use-cases.

The R3 Series portfolio doubles by adding 26 new systems, including:

  • Expanded choice of 800G ready 7800R3 with 12 and 16 slot modular systems – 460Tbps and 576 ports of 400G
  • Flexible and efficient 7280R3A compact modular for metro, mobile, and DCI applications
  • 7280R3A Series with 50% performance increase scaling up to 54 ports of 400G with integrated Line System ports and SyncE for timing solutions
  • New R3A Series available with choice of route/policy scale and integrated TunnelSec.
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