Poly announces external API Marketplace utilizing RapidAPI

RapidAPI has launched Poly API Marketplace. Poly is a global outfitter of professional-grade audio and video technology. The newly formed hub is a single platform powered by RapidAPI for third-party software developers to find, connect to, and manage APIs across Poly’s vast ecosystem of technology solutions.

Hybrid work, transitions to the cloud, divergence from standards and a return to office have all led to a complex marketplace of unified communication offerings, which has made managing these critical systems nearly impossible.

The Poly API Marketplace solves this problem. With this hub, every API will be centralized in a single location providing complete visibility into all the available assets across lines of business.

“Poly’s developer community now has a single place where they can access all the tools and APIs they need to work with Poly, streamlining the way Poly’s internal and partner developers work together and reducing the time to develop key technologies. We’re proud to partner with Poly to provide the Poly API Marketplace for partners and customers to easily find, search and test APIs,” said Iddo Gino, CEO and Founder of RapidAPI.

Poly API Marketplace was born from private video conferencing software Poly Clariti and cloud-based device management and insight platform Poly Lens, where there is a growing need to share and leverage existing APIs within the Poly ecosystem.

“We are excited to work with RapidAPI and empower developers to unlock new capabilities and technologies by promoting a positive, collaborative experience,” said Robert Manassero, Director of Software Product Management, Poly.

“The Poly API Marketplace makes it easy for developers to access essential tools that will help bring new experiences to life.”, Manassero continued.

“RapidAPI has enabled us to quickly create an elegant API marketplace, a platform that propels our community into the future by enabling developers to discover relevant APIs, fostering community support and offering fast integration with code snippets in multiple languages,” Marty Sexton, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Poly said.

“The breadth of people that can now access the Poly API Marketplace and make things happen is pretty exciting.”, Sexton continued.

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