BigID provides Snowflake customers with accelerated security controls

BigID has announced native data security controls for Snowflake, alongside becoming the first Snowflake partner to achieve Snowflake Ready Technology Validation in both “Data Security” and “Data Cataloging”.

BigID provides Snowflake customers with simplified access control, a data-centric approach to data masking, and accelerated security controls to better manage and protect their data. With Snowflake Ready Technology Validation, these integrations make it easier than ever for joint customers to manage and protect their sensitive data in Snowflake Data Cloud.

As a validated solution in both data security and data cataloging, customers can:

  • Gain continuous control of their Snowflake data and automatically detect new and changed data
  • Automatically find and classify all types of data – including dark data – alongside sensitive, regulated,critical, and personal data
  • Streamline access policy definitions with a data-driven approach
  • Apply intelligent tag-based data masking based on sensitivity and type

“With this validation, our customers gain the trust and confidence that BigID has been battle tested against Snowflake best practices across deployment, performance, security, compliance, and more,” said Nimrod Vax, Head of Product at BigID. “We’re thrilled to continue to deepen our relationship with Snowflake, and drive innovation together across the modern tech stack.”

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