Traceable AI appoints Richard Bird as CSO

Traceable AI announced the appointment of Richard Bird as Chief Security Officer (CSO). In this role, he will lead Traceable’s internal data security efforts and provide his unparalleled cybersecurity expertise to propel Traceable’s mission to secure APIs across the globe with its API Security Platform.

As a cybersecurity and IT operations industry veteran with nearly 30 years of experience, Richard has a proven track record in protecting the interests of SaaS and financial services companies as well as turning information security into a competitive advantage.

In the corporate enterprise, Richard has been a CIO and a CISO and he is also the former global head of identity for JPMorgan Chase. Richard has held multiple c-level roles advising organizations of all sizes, while serving as the Chief Customer Information Officer for Ping Identity, building security solutions for the market as a Chief Product Officer.

“As an information security practitioner, API security is a must. The reality is that companies that use APIs are extremely vulnerable and there is, with Traceable, a mission to resolve this,” stated Bird. “I made the decision to join Traceable as it is pioneering the next frontier in cybersecurity – API security innovation. Looking at the cybersecurity market from a 10,000-foot view, the observability and engineering challenges to tackle API security problems are daunting, which is why we have seen little innovation in the space.”

Traceable is a market leader that innovates and delivers quickly, working with any sized company, solving the security concern around APIs for companies – even in the most regulated industries. “I am thrilled to join the world-class team at Traceable and look forward to working together to secure the world’s APIs,” added Bird.

“Adding a prominent security expert to our leadership team reinforces our commitment to lead the market in API security. Richard’s leadership and understanding of the changing cybersecurity landscape are paramount as we grow our customer base across the globe,” stated CEO and co-founder of Traceable, Jyoti Bansal. “Additionally, his vast knowledge and experience adds a voice to the global marketplace discussing the most challenging cybersecurity issues companies face today.”

Traceable understands that API security is an emerging key concern for companies with APIs becoming a leading attack vector for data breaches. As Chief Security Officer, Richard will leverage his experience in operations and strategy to develop robust cybersecurity and risk management solutions that protect companies’ most vulnerable vector, the API – especially across highly regulated industries.

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