BigID Hotspot Reporting enables organizations to visualize their riskiest data

BigID announced Hotspot Reporting, a new feature that gives organizations the power to visualize and remediate their riskiest data.

BigID Hotspot Reporting

Customers can now easily visualize their data risk in a dashboard designed to surface data hotspots across all dimensions: including sensitivity, location, type of information, and more.

With this new reporting capability, organizations can now:

  • Accelerate insight by quickly and easily finding their riskiest data
  • Save time by prioritizing their biggest data vulnerabilities
  • Proactively reduce their attack surface and mitigate risk

“As more businesses come under attack, they need to take a holistic approach to data security,” said Nimrod Vax, Head of Product and Co-founder of BigID. “Guided by hotspots that highlight your sensitive and critical data, you can prioritize and protect the data that matters most.”

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