CyberSaint partners with Snowflake to deliver automated cyber risk management

CyberSaint announced its CyberStrong platform is now Powered by Snowflake. Powered by Snowflake is a Snowflake Partner Network program, designed to accelerate the ability of companies and application developers to deliver differentiated applications by supporting them across all stages of the application journey in Snowflake’s Data Cloud.

In partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, CyberSaint will transform and automate the way that organizations manage cyber risk through the CyberStrong platform, an end-to-end cyber and IT risk management solution, now built on Snowflake, that enables enterprises to seamlessly measure, mitigate, and report on cybersecurity risks across their business in real-time.

Aligning CyberSaint’s CyberStrong platform and the Snowflake Data Cloud will empower joint customers with a fully integrated view of their cyber risk posture, leveraging real-time data from Snowflake. Joint customers will be able to automate the assessment process against various frameworks and control sets with CyberStrong’s patented Continuous Control Automation (CCA), utilizing the vast amounts of data in Snowflake’s Data Cloud. In addition, joint customers will be able to tie control groups to key risks in the CyberStrong risk register, allowing for dynamic risk management for more informed decision making.

CyberStrong, Powered by Snowflake, will provide:

  • Real-time views into compliance and risk posture. Customers will be able to get instant visibility into their cyber risk posture updated at a regular cadence of their choosing, track trends, and make decisions based on the most up-to-date data available.
  • Reduced human effort during the assessment process. Customers will be able to eliminate much of the human intervention required to perform assessments, dramatically reducing costs by optimizing their human capital.
  • Transparent measurement and reporting. Customers will be able to overlay risk quantification on top of their compliance and risk data, including methodologies such as the FAIR Model, NIST 800-30, and other unique risk models that help to clearly communicate the value of their cybersecurity program.

“Our partnership with CyberSaint offers a solution to our joint customers who want to automate, measure, and communicate cyber risk,” said Alex Biller, Vice President Platform, Cybersecurity at Snowflake. “Customers can leverage a single source of truth for cybersecurity risk management, accessing a fully integrated view of their cybersecurity posture across risk and compliance domains to inform key decisions and help drive business growth.”

“In today’s digital environment, the cybersecurity risk landscape is constantly changing. Enterprises must have a single source of truth to measure, manage, and communicate their cybersecurity risk posture. Organizations need to be able to assess their status against compliance requirements and frameworks easily, while reporting on risk to the C-Suite for more informed decision making. By partnering with and building our product on Snowflake, we are able to help organizations advance their cyber risk transformation journeys while automating as much of the process as possible – eliminating human effort and delivering dramatic cost savings to customers,” said Jerry Layden, CEO at CyberSaint.

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