NordPass joins FIDO Alliance to help change people’s habits when it comes to passwords

NordPass, Nord Security’s password management company, announced that it had joined the FIDO Alliance, a global coalition working to provide open and free authentication standards to help reduce the world’s reliance on passwords.

Having already delivered some FIDO-supported passwordless solutions to its customers, NordPass continues its commitment to contribute to developing the most secure authentication methods.

“Our customers’ privacy and safety, by all means, are above everything else. We understand the safety issues of current authentication methods, and we feel it is our responsibility to dedicate time and expertise to looking for the fastest, easiest, and safest login experience, be it passwords or passkeys. It is our honor to join the progressive organizations of the FIDO Alliance, whose joint efforts shape the future of digital privacy,” says Jonas Karklys, the CEO of NordPass.

According to Karklys, cybersecurity companies have tried many times to change people’s toxic habits when it comes to passwords. Still, year after year, the situation fails to improve. Every year, NordPass releases a list of the most popular passwords, with “123456” annually winning the top position, followed by other simple variations of numbers and letters (i.e., “qwerty,” “1q2w3e”).

To address password-related safety risks, NordPass has included various cybersecurity measures in its password management solution that allows storing passwords, credit card details, notes, or other private information. The company’s platform currently supports multi-factor authentication (MFA) with various FIDO certified hardware keys, such as Yubikey.

Moreover, NordPass is the only major password manager that offers Google single sign-on (SSO) functionality not only for Enterprise clients but also for small and medium businesses (SMBs). Google SSO allows users to sign in to NordPass apps across different platforms using Google Workspace credentials. To limit the number of passwords people use online, NordPass has also made its Enterprise plan compatible with other major authentication services, for instance, Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

“The FIDO Alliance recognizes our new associate member NordPass. Service providers such as NordPass are taking action against password theft, the proven cause of the majority of online attacks, breaches, and identity theft, and securing their users and sites against financial and information loss,” said Andrew Shikiar, executive director and CMO of the FIDO Alliance. “FIDO standards enable the online community of providers with the industry standard they have needed to transform strong authentication to an easy-to-use, affordable, and future-proofed model of authentication.”

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