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NordPass unveils File Attachments functionality

NordPass has unveiled that its password manager now offers new features. NordPass Premium users can attach up to 3GB of files to items stored in NordPass. The company is also …

The top 200 most common passwords in 2022 are bad, mkay?

According to NordPass’ latest list of top 200 most common passwords in 2022, “password” is the most popular choice, followed by “123456”, …

NordPass joins FIDO Alliance to help change people’s habits when it comes to passwords

NordPass, Nord Security’s password management company, announced that it had joined the FIDO Alliance, a global coalition working to provide open and free authentication …

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NordPass for MSP offers password management services for online security

NordPass Business has released NordPass for MSP, a password management solution that enables managed service providers (MSPs) to deliver an easy-to-use tool to their …

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