Veratad VX improves identity verification and analytics for business users

Veratad announced the unveiling of “Veratad VX” – a new global age and identity verification platform designed to deliver a no-code journey orchestration and automated verification experience.

The new VX orchestration platform is an extension of Veratad’s proven core technology, IDresponse, that currently synthesizes dozens of providers and verification methods allowing clients access them through a single API integration.

Veratad VX business users can now create sophisticated, multi-touch customer verification workflows without touching a line of code. Unique to VX is the inclusion of customer-facing screens that are generated as verification journeys are created by the user. Data and source providers are pre-integrated with the VX platform.

This allows the user to define rules and build workflows by choosing from a set of pre-configured verification templates or to build their own custom verification experience for customers based on their unique needs – all without the need for engineers or lengthy development projects.

VX also comes with an analytics dashboard that gives users up-to-the-minute insight into customer behavior and drop-off points. Armed with this valuable information, business users can fine-tune their verification workflows to realize the best verification experience for their customers. Veratad says the VX roadmap includes the incorporation of machine learning that will use the VX analytics to direct the most effective journeys without manual intervention.

“We are coining a new industry acronym with ‘VX’ and this new platform represents an exciting new chapter for our company,” says John E. Ahrens, CEO, Veratad Technologies. “We have been carefully listening to our customers and prospects and VX is the response. It’s not just about affording access to the most effective verification methods; it’s about providing our customers the tools they need to maximize how they interact with their customers, discovering the best verification experience, that is the key.”

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