ControlMap Trust Portal creates compliance alignment across departments and teams

ControlMap has launched the Trust Portal — an interface for users to share valuable security information, data, and status with customers. With this new feature, ControlMap supports its mission to help organizations boost their revenue and win new opportunities, especially for the MSP/MSSP community.

“Since launching the Trust Portal, we’ve been able to serve our customers and their own vendors and clients better,” said Pallav Tandon, CEO of ControlMap.

“Our position as a leading compliance platform gives us a unique perspective into the types of tools growing compliance teams need, which is where we’ve put our focus. We’re thrilled to launch this new feature to make our platform more user-friendly and share-friendly.”, Tandon continued.

With the implementation of the Trust Portal, ControlMap will be supporting users of the platform with several new functions, including:

  • The ability to upload compliance framework & audit reports in just a few clicks
  • Add security reports, assessments, and links directly to the portal
  • Showcase real-time controls to existing stakeholders
  • Securely share the portal with prospects and create a public page for prospects to request documentation

In short, the Trust Portal creates compliance alignment across organizations, departments, and teams. For security professionals looking to share information without the hassle of cumbersome documents, the Trust Portal provides a seamless solution.

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