Calix launches Arlo Security to strengthen security for homes and small businesses

Calix announced Arlo Security, a fully managed home protection service, so broadband service providers (BSPs) can continue to differentiate in competitive markets and extend their trusted brand.

Calix Arlo Security

Arlo Security is the 10th addition to the growing list of Calix Revenue EDGE managed services. It builds on top of Arlo Secure connected cameras to include a keypad/hub and all-in-one sensors to detect motion, water leaks, smoke, carbon monoxide, temperature, and light. Arlo Security pairs this top-tier security hardware with 24/7 security monitoring and video backups on Arlo Cloud to keep subscribers protected.

Arlo Security presents yet another opportunity for Calix-partnered BSPs to tailor their Wi-Fi offerings to their subscribers’ unique needs, creating exceptional Wi-Fi experiences. Since Calix launched Arlo Secure in 2021, BSPs have leveraged it to stand out in their markets, increase average revenue per user (ARPU) by as much as 92 percent, and enhance their Net Promoter Scores (NPS).

Homes without a security system are 300 percent more likely to be burglarized. Other home emergencies like fires and water leaks affect thousands of households daily—threatening families’ health and safety and racking up billions of dollars in damage annually. Despite this intensifying need, only 36 percent of American households with broadband connectivity own a functioning home security system, and only a fraction of those households have a fully monitored and managed solution. Calix has partnered with Arlo to unlock this enormous opportunity for BSPs of any size as even rural broadband markets become increasingly competitive.

Arlo Security will be available to all BSPs in early 2023. Innovative BSPs leveraging the power of the Revenue EDGE platform can soon seamlessly deploy and manage Arlo Security by:

  • Targeting households that want home security and delivering tailored communications. Even marketing teams of one can easily target households with managed services that solve the issues on their mind. Calix Marketing Cloud gives BSP marketers access to the industry’s most extensive data and insights. Additionally, Calix is rolling out beautifully designed marketing materials in the Electronic Content Builder (ECB) to support the launch of Arlo Security. Part of the Calix Market Activation Program, BSPs can customize the marketing materials in the ECB with their own brand—accelerating go-to-market times.
  • Collaborating with the industry’s largest customer success organization for launch support. Calix helps BSPs deploy Arlo Security with white-glove installation. The award-winning Calix Customer Success Services created SmartStart for Managed Services to streamline the launch of new managed services. Customer success managers supply customer support and field technicians with guidance tools and best practices. The Calix Revenue EDGE Enablement Workshop helps field technicians and support teams launch managed services with confidence through hands-on technical training and demonstrations.
  • Providing exceptional subscriber experiences built on world-class customer support. Once in market, support teams of any size using Calix Support Cloud will be able to easily manage and support Arlo Security. Customer service representatives (CSRs) and field technicians will gain visibility into connected devices plus subscription status, account usage, and visibility into Arlo Cloud health. With these additional troubleshooting features to resolve issues faster, CSRs can deliver world-class support for Arlo Security.

Mississippi-based Tombigbee Fiber was founded by nonprofit member-owned cooperative Tombigbee Electric Power Association (TEPA), which has supplied electricity to Mississippians since 1933. Today Tombigbee Fiber continues this legacy of making essential services accessible to its subscribers and creating vitality in its community. Earlier this year it launched Revenue EDGE managed services, home network security (ProtectIQ) and advanced parental controls (ExperienceIQ), to all subscribers. Now it is adding Bark social media monitoring and Arlo Secure connected cameras to its growing list of managed services offered on top of its Wi-Fi packages.

“We are a gateway to the world for our subscribers, and that comes with the tremendous responsibility to protect them,” said Scott Hendrix, chief executive officer at Tombigbee Fiber and TEPA. “We protect their home networks with ProtectIQ and help them control their internet usage with ExperienceIQ. Now we are rolling out Bark to protect their children from digital dangers when they are off the home network. Arlo Secure and now Arlo Security are the natural next steps to protect our subscribers’ physical homes. We have spent almost 100 years earning our communities’ trust.

“We already visit our subscribers’ homes to set up internet, so why not make them feel secure with Arlo Security—installed and managed by a community partner they trust? We are excited about the continued innovation from Calix as it rolls out more managed services that give us new opportunities to bring added value to our communities. Everything we do is about bettering the lives of our subscribers, and Calix continues to support us in that mission.”

Arlo Security is the 10th managed service from Calix.

“The home security market has been too difficult for small service providers to successfully enter—until now,” said Michael Weening, president and chief executive officer at Calix. “Calix transforms home security with Arlo Security, a fully managed home protection service. Arlo Security is a simple extension of the BSP’s existing operations, marketing, and support because—like all Calix managed services—it’s integrated into the Revenue EDGE platform.

“It turns the leading DIY home security solution into a fully managed experience that is perfectly aligned with BSPs focused on the needs of their subscribers and communities. Arlo Security is also a very sticky service, which protects the BSP’s business from low-cost, low quality new entrants. Arlo Security is an incredible step forward in home protection and allows even the smallest BSP to be a giant of home security.”

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