AwareID improves identity authentication processes for enterprises

Aware introduced its newest product, AwareID, combining multi-factor authentication and multi-modal biometrics into a single, low-code platform that is pre-configured for the most common use cases and is functional right from the start.


“We know that the increased frequency of data breaches, the rising rate of fraud and the introduction of government regulations and mandates have driven organizations from all industries to look for security solutions that promise protection,” commented Bob Eckel, president and CEO of Aware. “The problem is, what they find when they go looking is a plethora of products from a variety of providers that all need to be technically integrated and multi-sourced to make a complete offering. This sourcing and integration takes time, money and advanced technical knowledge—thus preventing any organizations that don’t have those resources available from deploying the level of security they need. With AwareID, we’re making the latest in next-generation authentication available to the masses.”

Pre-configured for the most common use cases, and positioned at an affordable price point, AwareID tackles onboarding and authentication to help organizations of all sizes improve their security posture while enhancing the end-user experience. Non-IT professionals can protect their organization through AwareID’s intuitive, easy-to-use, low-code administrative platform. For those organizations that do have deep technical expertise, IT teams can override the pre-configuration and scale the realm of possibilities to fine tune for unique requirements—or to simply develop internal workflows and/or trade secrets to drive differentiation for their organization and offerings.

“From a consumer perspective we know that users are fed up with passwords, as reiterated in our recent survey. From a customer perspective, we know organizations are struggling to piece together disparate technology in an attempt to find the right balance of friction and security,” says Craig Herman, chief revenue officer at Aware. “AwareID takes the burden off the customer’s organization and provides a functional offering that can be deployed in a matter of minutes versus months, and at a fraction of the cost of existing piecemeal solutions.”

Aware is leveraging its 25+ years of proven implementation expertise and converging machine learning, artificial intelligence and biometrics to provide a next-generation authentication platform that aligns with the needs of organizations and protects identities against newly-emerging attack vectors. AwareID’s scalability and open environment allow it to continue to adapt to enterprise needs and the changing security landscape, giving Aware’s customers an edge they can’t find anywhere else.

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