Scale Computing and Mako Networks deliver edge networking solutions for multi-site operators

Scale Computing and Mako Networks have joined forces to deliver intelligent, reliable, and simple-to-manage total edge solutions.

The partnership enables a complete, secure, edge infrastructure that includes robust, reliable compute, and standards-compliant network devices (including PCI DSS), simplified enterprise edge deployment and management, and full-stack support.

“With most edge locations lacking on-site technical staff, Mako Networks and Scale Computing have developed systems for automating deployment and updates to both networking and applications, as well as a supporting software stack to process data at the edge of the network, closest to where that data is actually created and utilized,” said Craig Theriac, VP, Product Management, Scale Computing.

“Autonomous operation, monitoring, and self-healing properties make on-site intervention a thing of the past.”, Theriac continued.

Scale Computing provides an edge computing platform that is easy to use, easy to manage, and easy to deploy. SC//Platform brings simplicity and scalability together, replacing the existing infrastructure, and providing high availability for running workloads in a single, easy-to-manage platform.

Regardless of your hardware requirements, the same innovative software and simple user interface give you the power to run infrastructure efficiently at the edge. SC//Fleet Manager allows users to centrally monitor and manage hundreds or thousands of distributed edge infrastructure deployments with few or no on-site IT personnel.

The Mako System from Mako Networks consists of the Mako CMS hosted cloud management application and a range of managed Mako networking devices tailored to the distributed enterprise. This is a PCI-certified, cloud-managed, carrier-independent networking solution that makes it easy to connect and manage thousands of global sites in a high-performance SD-WAN business network that is secure, reliable, scalable, and cost-effective.

Cloud VPNs, VLAN segmentation, and next-gen firewalls protect sensitive data, while high availability redundancy and failover options enable seamless connectivity and business continuity.

Together, Scale Computing and Mako Networks deliver a solution that is simple to deploy, ensures high availability for applications and networking, is PCI DSS certified, is based on SD-WAN, and provides a complete remote management system required for today’s distributed enterprise edge, resulting in PCI-certified security, flexible scalability, cost-saving efficiency, and standardized platforms and management across all locations.

“We’re excited to partner with Scale Computing. Their low-touch, remotely-managed edge computing solution is perfectly aligned with Mako’s similar edge networking and security platform. The combination is truly groundbreaking,” said Jason Kubasak, CEO, Mako Networks.

“This combined solution gives multi-site organizations all of the capabilities they need to run critical applications locally with the same security, ease of maintenance, and performance that they have come to expect from the cloud.”, Kubasak continued.

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