FireMon Cyber Asset Manager scans the entire network infrastructure for every device and connection

FireMon announced that their real-time network visibility solution, Lumeta, is being re-launched as Cyber Asset Manager.

The name Cyber Asset Manager speaks directly to its key use cases of real-time network discovery, identification, and threat detection. Cyber Asset Manager will help organizations maintain continuous security and compliance by providing a complete view of all their assets across hybrid, multi-cloud environments.

Jody Brazil, CEO of FireMon, is attending the it-sa Expo & Congress currently underway in Nuremberg, Germany, where he is engaging with stakeholders at Europe’s leading trade fair for IT security. Brazil will be highlighting the importance of real-time, active, and passive targeted network and device discovery to safeguard business assets.

The FireMon Cyber Asset Management solution is an evolution of Lumeta technology, a company FireMon acquired in 2018 to advance its mission of improving intent-based security that bridges the traditional gap between business and security. This is done by enabling network and security operations teams to improve security hygiene by finding and securing unknown, rogue, and shadow clouds, network infrastructure, and endpoints.

According to Deloitte, the growing global cyber risk landscape could slow the pace of technological innovation by as much as $3 trillion in lost economic value. Even though organizations have increased their investments in cybersecurity over the past decade, the cyber risk gap is widening and significantly hampering the potential of advanced technologies in business across all industry verticals. In the DACH (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) region, 99% of companies surveyed admitted to having fallen victim to a direct cyber-attack due to vulnerabilities during the past year. This illustrates the need to harden the cybersecurity environment and gain complete network visibility.

Simply put, organizations can’t manage what they can’t see. To confidently protect their network, technology leaders need to have a complete and accurate inventory of all devices, connections, routes, and appliances that run on it. Importantly, this must extend beyond on-premises environments to encompass the organization’s hybrid and multi-cloud real estate.

FireMon Cyber Asset Manager delivers real-time L2 and L3 device detection across on-premises networks and cloud environments. It provides a graphical representation of all devices and connections within and external to the network.

After all, it only takes one unsecured device to grant an attacker access to the entire corporate network. FireMon Cyber Asset Manager detects threats for cloud, virtual, physical, SDN, endpoints, operational technology (OT), and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. It also provides automatic device profile information and can group and highlight devices by attributes, types, OS, or vendors.

FireMon Cyber Asset Manager continuously scans and discovers the entire network infrastructure for every device and connection. This includes routers, endpoints, and cloud devices. Using advanced behavioral detection techniques, FireMon Cyber Asset Manager builds a baseline of network patterns and alerts security teams when suspicious activities or compliance violations are detected.

“Security challenges grow exponentially as the complexity of the network expands. Every new device, user, and service requiring connectivity to other resources increases the complexity of the environment. For instance, even a seemingly simple environment of 300 firewalls can lead to over 1.4 billion firewall rules accounting for IP addresses and services. Managing this is impossible without some form of automated analysis,” said Jody Brazil, CEO of FireMon.

Using FireMon Cyber Asset Manager, organizations can consistently ensure device policies are enforced and that networks are secure. Administrators are instantly notified when devices violate business and network policies. And network vulnerability assessments find all authorized and unauthorized ingress and egress points on the network, including rogue Internet connectivity. FireMon Cyber Asset Manager also checks connectivity and security between networks to detect leak paths that traverse one or more zones.

Additionally, it conducts deep investigation of networks and individual elements. The full network dynamic discovery of FireMon Cyber Asset Manager supplements existing vulnerability tools to enhance the organization’s defensive posture. And all this is done through the automation essential to view and manage the entire network cybersecurity real estate.

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