N-able appoints Troels Rasmussen as GM of Security Products

N-able announced Troels Rasmussen as General Manager of Security Products, continuing its commitment to help MSPs and their customers stay ahead of ever-evolving IT threats.

In his new role, Rasmussen will extend his knowledge to support the strategic direction across the full security product portfolio that currently hosts a range of solutions including Endpoint Detection and Response, DNS Filtering, Passportal, and Mail Assure, among others, to help MSPs in the critical role they play in protecting both their business and their customers’ businesses.

Rasmussen has been with N-able for over four years and, in that time, served in various functions that have endowed him with a holistic understanding of the business, complemented by years of helping companies work through their digital evolution.

“As attackers and threats continue to adapt, our goal is to provide the widest breadth and depth of security products to our MSP partners to nail security across its full lifecycle—from identification to protection, detection, response, and recovery,” said Mike Adler, chief technology and product officer. “By appointing Troels for this role, we can continue to hone our focus on delivering secure, sophisticated solutions to help businesses not just stay current with today’s security threats but stay ahead of tomorrow’s.”

Along with their customer base, it’s critical for MSPs to stay ahead of the game with a multi-layered security approach. In a survey commissioned by N-able earlier this year, results showed MSPs are fast becoming primary targets for cyberattacks. Almost all MSPs surveyed suffered a successful cyberattack in the past 18 months and 90% have seen an increase in attacks since the pandemic started—highlighting the importance of MSPs leading from the front and implementing the same technologies used by customers for their own businesses.

“Security changes every day and requires people to think about risk differently—it’s not just small-scale; it can be large-scale attacks that disrupt business continuity and can even lead to an extinction event,” stated Rasmussen. “In this new role, our team will continue to be 100% dedicated to ongoing discovery, collaboration, and partnership to help improve not only ourselves, but the industry as a whole. That is why we design sophisticated security solutions to help our partners own the risk conversation and to stay ahead with full, layered protection.”

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