Tresorit adds eSignature function to secure sensitive information and documents

Tresorit has expanded its portfolio of integrated solutions tailored to the US market, supplementing its secure workspace and email encryption plugins with eSignature capabilities.

Tresorit eSign

Tresorit’s Digital Workspace protects all files and documents so workforce members can collaborate internally and externally without compromising data security or privacy. With the addition of Tresorit Simple eSign, users can conveniently request signatures and manage signed documents in a single, end-to-end encrypted workspace.

By expanding its suite of US offerings, the company is taking another key step towards providing a comprehensive, protected, and legally secure document management workflow that covers the entire lifecycle of sensitive information and documents integrated in one platform.

“The US privacy and data protection landscape is evolving with five new state privacy laws going into effect in the US in 2023 and a proposed federal legislation. Our zero-knowledge, end-to-end encrypted workspace was built with privacy and compliance in mind ,” explains Tresorit CEO and co-founder István Lám.

“Remote work models drive business initiatives, and companies need to protect themselves from insider threats, like accidental data misuse. We believe that data privacy is a human right that should include protecting all information from unnecessary access, including from us. Companies can protect their customers’ information with our end-to-end encryption, but they also protect their own information, like passwords and encryption keys, because we take a zero-knowledge approach.”, Lám continued.

The portfolio of secure solutions now includes Tresorit eSign where people can sign documents in the form of a simple electronic signature (SES). The signature of the contracting party is logically linked to the respective document to document his agreement with the content.

Electronic signatures are considered legally binding under the U.S Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) Act and the Uniform Electronic Transaction Act (UETA), giving companies a way to digitally transform their contracts processes.

Since all documents to be signed are stored in the end-to-end encrypted Tresorit environment, companies will be able to retain complete control over them and their confidential content.

“The US really embraced remote and hybrid work models over the last few years so using a secure workspace to handle internal and external communications is fundamental to zero trust implementations,” said Rodrigo Nieto, Senior Sales Manager for the Americas.

“Controlling and monitoring all user and device access to data is mission critical. By combining these with end-to-end encryption, organizations can fill in security gaps, ensuring comprehensive data security. With all these new laws, companies need to prove that their security controls protect data privacy which is why we also work to support compliance and audit initiatives.”, Nieto added.

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