Armis and NextGen Cyber Talent join forces to address the shortage of cybersecurity experts

Armis partners with non-profit NextGen Cyber Talent to help develop the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.

NextGen Cyber Talent is on a mission to successfully educate cohorts of underprivileged and underserved students about cyber technologies and address the talent shortage by providing students with professional development enabling them to pursue careers in cybersecurity. Armis is supporting the non-profit by offering certified classes for students taught by Armis team members and by furthering the organization’s impact through driving thought leadership discussions within the industry around the importance of finding, hiring, and retaining cyber talent.

The number of unfilled cybersecurity jobs worldwide grew 350% between 2013 and 2021, from one million to 3.5 million. It’s predicted that in 2025 the same number of jobs will still be open.

“The shortage of cybersecurity experts is a critical issue impacting our industry,” said Nadir Izrael, CTO and Co-founder of Armis. “We need to recognize and address that not only on days like today – National STEM/STEAM Day, which draws attention to the importance of providing education on and cultivating talent across science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics – but on an ongoing basis to make a real difference. Armis is serious about making an impact and will continue to support and build upon the tremendous efforts of organizations like NextGen Cyber Talent.”

As part of its partnership with NextGen Cyber Talent, Armis will train two cohorts of students annually as they work towards their certifications. The company is focused on addressing gender parity and inclusivity in STEM and increasing access to education for those interested in pursuing careers in cybersecurity.

“The Micron team has found our partnership with NextGen Cyber Talent to be incredibly rewarding,” said Hanan Szwarcbord, VP and Chief Security Officer at Micron Technology. “We’re helping to educate the future pioneers of our industry alongside today’s leading organizations. This is not only helping to bridge the cyber talent gap, but providing a unique opportunity to drive the industry forward through a different form of partnership among our peers.”

“The mission of NextGen Cyber Talent is a massive undertaking, so we need the help of leaders such as Armis and Micron if we’re going to succeed in what we’ve set out to accomplish,” said Krishnan Chellakarai, Founder and Chairman of NextGen Cyber Talent. “The responsibility of solving the industry challenges we face when it comes to cultivating talent is one that we – together as an industry – need to join forces on. We’re thankful organizations like Armis and Micron are hearing our call and hope that others will follow suit.”

In addition to the work that Armis is doing to support NextGen Cyber Talent, the company leads courses and workshops at CyberNow Labs, which offers professional training for current and aspiring security operations center (SOC) analysts. Armis and its founders also support PLACE-IL, a program aimed towards training 10,000 individuals in high-tech fields from under-represented populations in Israel.

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