Living Security collaborates with SpyCloud to manage and mitigate human cybersecurity risk

Living Security partners with SpyCloud to better identify segments of human risk inside organizations and help security leaders create a proactive plan to mitigate attacks.

Living Security’s Unify Human Risk Management Platform now includes SpyCloud’s Identity Risk Engine, which delivers risk assessments and key risk indicators (KRIs) based on analysis of 300+ billion assets recaptured from data breaches and malware victim logs being traded in the criminal underground. The KRIs link email addresses, usernames, passwords, and PII across employees’ exposed online personas, giving security teams a fuller picture of individuals’ security hygiene, as well as details on the scope, recency, and severity of their darknet exposures.

Through this partnership, organizations will be able to better identify the most vulnerable segments within their workforce, including employees with compromised accounts and credentials, so they can best mitigate the human risk exposure and measure their behavior over time.

Eighty-two percent of breaches currently involve the human element. “What is killing organizations is the daily human failures, not the big, notable incidents. These smaller missteps are happening millions of times a day and if you want to lower the onerous demand on your security team, you need to focus on human risk management,” said Dan Walsh, CISO of VillageMD and a member of Living Security’s CISO Advisory Board.

To date, clients using Living Security’s Unify Human Risk Management platform have been able to see their riskiest segments from an “inside-out” view using the internal data from their technology stack, and now they are also able to get the “outside-in” perspective leveraging SpyCloud to decrease risk for their organizations.

“Our focus at Living Security has always been on the human factor. We are disrupting the industry and driving a paradigm shift that enables organizations to leverage behavioral data to effectively manage and mitigate human cybersecurity risk,” said Ashley Rose, CEO and co-founder of Living Security. “This partnership with SpyCloud is an incredible step in this mission, allowing us to access real-time darknet exposure insights that matter to our clients – identifying employees with riskier behaviors and alerting us to those whose credentials and personal data are compromised. This gives our clients the information they need to prioritize the riskiest segments using a data-led approach to keeping their organizations safe.”

“At SpyCloud, we’re continuously working to help businesses stay a step ahead of cybercriminals. Embedding proactive insights in Living Security’s platform helps security leaders understand, at-a-glance, the risk employees pose to the organization,” said Cassio Mello, Senior Vice President of Business Development at SpyCloud. “We share a joint belief with Living Security that staying secure from ransomware, breaches, and account takeover requires taking action on the exposure of individuals in your workforce.”

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