Fastly enhances Edge Observability suite to improve performance for developers and operators

Fastly is launching a new product line for Edge Observability, enhancing its delivery of advanced edge and origin visibility, analytics and more.

By expanding existing real-time logging and metrics functionality, Fastly gives its customers the ability to build their own observability systems by surfacing real-time and historical data in a single pane of glass. Fastly customers can now interpret data and take quick meaningful action using near-instant deployment times.

“Observability is essential for digital transformation. It helps Site Reliability Engineering teams manage application health and provide security operations teams insights into trends and anomalies that they can act upon to keep their applications and users safe and running,” said Lakshmi Sharma, Chief Product and Strategy Officer, Fastly. “We can now offer developers, and an entire chain of DevOps teams, the fastest, most flexible edge observability solution where they have the freedom to be innovative and creative.”

Customers need the ability to monitor the status of a site, product, or service, while also being able to quickly address potential issues. Fastly’s solution provides valuable insights, helping to identify and block suspicious activity, continuously improve processes, and ultimately provide better customer experiences.

Fastly offers a flexible Observability product line, combined with the fastest edge, which encompasses:

  • Customizable logging: Customers can log any aspect of HTTP requests and responses through a large variety of logging formats (e.g., Common Log Format, JSON, Key/Value, CSV, etc).
  • Support for an extensive variety of integrations: 33 at current count, including third-party services for storage and analysis to enhance business workflows.
  • Breadth and depth of Edge Observability data: Including extremely granular visibility into more than 200 metrics related to client, origin, cache, WAF, Compute@Edge, Image Optimization, and more.
  • Historical reporting: Fastly’s historical metrics go back to the day of the service creation, resurfacing 100% of the data.
  • Real-time data: Metrics and logs are available in real-time. Metrics are available every second and logs can be streamed as they occur.
  • Private log storing: Customers store their own logs so they can have complete control and confidence over access and protection of their data.
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