Clumio Protect for Amazon S3 enhancements simplify data protection for AWS customers

Clumio announced new capabilities that will allow enterprises to protect their AWS data at any scale and recover from disruptions instantly, all while optimizing their cloud costs.

Clumio AWS

These benefits will allow enterprise customers to simplify the protection and recovery of large data lakes, application data, and sensitive information on AWS. Highlights include:

  • Continuous air-gapped protection for any volume of data: For the first time, enterprises can now protect up to 30 billion objects per Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket, totaling exabytes of data, with a granular recovery point objective (RPO) of just 15 minutes.
  • Instant recovery for Amazon S3: Clumio has achieved zero RTO (recovery time objective) for Amazon S3, which enables customers to have instant access to their data during a time-critical recovery operation. This feature is now available for early access.
  • Intelligent data protection recommendations to optimize cost efficiency: Clumio’s new feature now enables customers to get a full view of their data environment on AWS, consolidate backups across multiple services under a unified air gap, and receive recommendations on how to optimize data protection costs.

The protection of cloud data has become increasingly critical to enterprises around the globe, especially as cloud software becomes more complex to monitor and secure. According to IBM Security, in 2022, the cost of a data breach in the public cloud averaged $5M, compelling organizations to rethink the protection strategy of their critical data in the cloud.

“Most cloud backup solutions are built on instance or appliance-based constructs that have inherent scalability limitations,” said Poojan Kumar, co-founder, and CEO of Clumio. “At Clumio, our vision was to build a platform that could scale quickly to protect the world’s largest and most complex data sets, including data lakes, warehouses, and other business-critical data. To get to where we are today, our team has taken on very challenging engineering tasks, such as building a serverless orchestration engine from scratch, which our customers are now able to benefit from. Customers routinely tell us that the speed, efficiency, and simplicity of data protection with Clumio is unmatched.”

Clumio is loved by hundreds of customers, as evidenced by its Net Promoter Score of 88 and resoundingly positive reviews in AWS Marketplace, G2, and Capterra.

“Clumio was uniquely positioned to help us on dual fronts—protecting the data that we had just moved to AWS from our on-prem environment, as well as our rapidly growing native AWS assets,” said Jeremy Lee, Manager of Enterprise Cloud Storage at Warner Bros. Discovery. “We explored several solutions, but Clumio’s ease of use sealed the deal for us. As our cloud workloads increased, Clumio not only scaled smoothly but also made it effortless to manage the protection and recovery of large volumes of data across multiple AWS services. We have been thoroughly impressed with Clumio and are looking to fortify more of our data with their product.”

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